Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Halloween Episode

The time for ghosts and ghouls is upon us (except for in One Tree Hill, where we really had ghosts a few weeks ago), and it’s time for a hauntingly new Thursday Open Thread:

What is your favorite Halloween episode?

It can be for a show that’s on now or something that’s long since ended, but it’s all up to you. For me? Well, I don’t know if it’s a favorite, but when I think Halloween, I certainly think of Buffy and “Fear Itself.” Sure, it’s not the best episode in the world, but if it’s the one thing that comes to mind, perhaps I should toss it out there as a first suggestion.

But what about you? What do you think?

Sorry, while I realize this isn’t an image that people always associate with “Fear Itself,” it is from the beginning of the episode, and I just love it.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Halloween Episode

  1. Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror. The one where all the troubled kids in school were being ground up and served in the cafeteria. Or the one where Homer reenacted Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. Or the one where aliens invaded Springfield. Or the one with zombies… Too many to choose from.

  2. I’m surprised that the appropriately named “Halloween” episode of Buffy wasn’t mentioned first, as it’s the one I immediately tend to think of. (Also worth mentioning is Angel’s “Life of the Party”.)

    As for Treehouse of Horror, I enjoyed them for awhile, but with so many ToH episodes and with all of them featuring rehashes of original horror stories, I have a hard time selecting any of them as a favorite.

    I think the Halloween episode I’ll choose as most noteworthy will be… HIMYM’s “Slutty Pumpkin”.

  3. Actually, while I remembered “Halloween,” I like “Fear Itself” more. I can’t quite explain why, but I do.

    Honestly, though, if I were to choose a Halloween Buffy episode, I’d go with “Hush,” even though it doesn’t take place on Halloween. It’s just creepy enough to watch with all the lights off.

    And I’m glad “Slutty Pumpkin” made it on the list!

  4. Oh, and while the episode itself is kind-of a downer, I do like the Halloween episode of The Office from season 2. Well, I should clarify. I don’t so much like the episode, as much as I like one costume: Three-hole punch Jim.

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  6. I have to go with the Simpsons on this too! I love their Treehouse of Horror episodes. One of my favorites is the spoof on The Amityville Horror movies where the house doesn’t want them to live there and the walls bleed and everyone chases each other around the house with knives.

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