Glee: Let’s do the Time Warp again

KT would like to preserve you.  In a jar.

GLEE:  2.05 “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

Welcome, Transylvanians.  What we’ve got on the slab tonight is another themed episode of Glee, with a flimsy little plot that let’s us put in as many songs as possible.  So come along — after all, there’s a light over at the Frankenstein place.

Rocky Horror lives in a uniquely weird place in popular culture.  The plot is flimsy, many of the songs are (to my ear) uninspired, and none of the characters are very likable, yet it is embraced by some as a symbol of accepting the weird in yourself and others.  Which is actually a pretty big message to get into a flimsy little plot.

The episode manages to cram a lot of that into its own flimsy little plot:  the self-acceptance theme gets expressed through Finn and Sam’s struggles with body image, and as you’d expect, there’s plenty of controversy over the sexuality of Rocky Horror.  Personally, I can’t see the kids of McKinley High ever being allowed to put on this show — not with the way their town has been characterized — but I appreciated that the issue was discussed.  There was even one kid (as there always is, it seems) who can’t get his permission slip signed — although I can’t picture Quinn’s mother agreeing to this either, so I assume she forged hers.

What really cracked me up were the couple of times I noticed that Glee changed the lyrics to be able to air on prime time.  I’ve only seen the movie once, so there were probably changes I didn’t catch, but the big one was in the refrain of “Sweet Transvestite” — “transsexual Transylvania” turned into “sensational Transylvania.”  (Which is weird to me that they could say transvestite, but not transsexual, but there it is.)  Mercedes winds up playing Frank, and while the performance we see is supposed to be their dress rehearsal, it really sounds like a rehearsal with not much of her usual spark and zing.

Emma, on the other hand, lets it all out with “Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me.”  I was sorry that the storyline had me in so much pain at that point that it was hard to really enjoy it.

And that’s because Will is filling the role of Annoying Character this week.  He’s still fretting over Emma happily dating someone else, and that pretty much drives the entire episode.  Everything he does is an effort to get closer to Emma — including recasting himself as Rocky and asking her to rehearse “Touch Me” with him… a song in which he has about one line.

Since Will is having One Of Those Weeks, we’re lucky that Sue is in fine form.  I like her best like when she’s like this — mostly right, but always pushing things a little too far.  I wonder if anything further will come of her new relationship with the new suits at the local news station.

In the end, I liked that the show was still able to go on — and without offending anyone… because there was no audience.  In good Broadway fashion, they saved the big show-stopper for the end, and we all do the time warp again.


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