Life Unexpected: Life’s no honeymoon

LIFE UNEXPECTED: 2.06 “Honeymoon Interrupted”

First, let’s give a big thanks and shoutout to CC who filled in for me while I was out in covering Life Unexpected. I really appreciate it, and I’m sure you readers do, too. I haven’t caught up on the past two episodes, but I still watched this week’s. How could I have missed anything? The “previously on Life Unexpected” went all the way back to the pilot.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, I’m hating the Lux/teacher relationship. I don’t care what you try to do with him. Make him a tutor, make him a roommate, make him date your aunt, make him Math’s best friend. They’ve tiptoed around all of those. I don’t care. I don’t like it. They really needed something different for this show and this cliche storyline is not it.

This episode was no different. The whole thing where he said he was a tutor so he could legally spend time with her? That’s still ick. Just ick. I’m hoping that since he’s now officially missing in action as her tutor, this means there will be some change ahead, but since I’m still seeing him in promos, I’m really not too positive. Especially since people saw him making out with her in a lake.

Because that happens in real life.


Moving on. The real meat of this episode was Ryan and Cate, and I have to say, it was rather heartbreaking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did want to punch Baze in the face. Seriously, how many people just jump in with what they think people are upset about that could potentially get people in more trouble. Uggh.

But I will say this: I think Ryan’s in the wrong here. Not only has he never mentioned this person to Cate ever, but if there was a chance that the had a baby on the way, he needed to tell her that. Now, sleeping with Julia? Ok, they were broken up. You can’t argue that there was anything in the betrayal category for that. However, not telling her that he might’ve gotten someone pregnant…that’s a life changer. Marriage is a life changer. Somehow, you’ve got to fill the other person in because he only found out she wasn’t two minutes before the wedding.

Now, the case for Cate. Yes, it looks bad that she professed her love for Baze the day before the wedding. But you could argue that this was just cold feet and that once she heard that he didn’t love her back, she realized her love wasn’t real and was able to face the wedding ahead. Yes, you could argue that. I guess we can’t really know. So I think she’s less in the doghouse than Ryan.

But what do you think? I’m curious to hear sides on this one.

Also, very happy with the smashed vase. Awesome.


3 thoughts on “Life Unexpected: Life’s no honeymoon

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t recap last week’s in a timely manner. Here’s what happened: The CW thought crossing over with One Tree Hill would help Life Unexpected in the ratings. Cate is afraid of hurting Lux’s feelings by having another kid so she’s secretly taking birth control, and shockingly, Ryan found out. And they fought.

    Cate’s boozehound mom lost Lux, who found Tasha and Jones kissing at the concert. Lux was mad, and Tasha said that Lux couldn’t get everything…that Tasha deserved something, sometime. And they fought.

    Baze and his boss fought and ended up in concert jail where they bonded…and talked. They didn’t kiss…surprisingly.

    Lux discovered that her beloved teacher is dating Paige. At some point, they fought. Oh, and some bands played. I really hated last week’s episode. I felt like this week’s was better, but unfortunately, I hate the teacher storyline too. How often does this happen in real life that it needs to appear on EVERY SINGLE TEEN DRAMA?

    CC. Out.

  2. No problem! I was wondering how that crossover went. I was looking forward to seeing it. Perhaps now, not so much (especially if Mia was in it, aka Kate Voegele. Uggh. I like the music but she’s annoying).

    Also, I was shocked–SHOCKED!–to find out that Ryan and Cate were already jumping into baby-making in this episode. Crazy!

  3. I heard CW did not order any more LU episodes, which doesn’t bode well for the series’ future.
    I lost interest toward the beginning of s2 so I won’t be sad to see it go. What about you?

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