One Tree Hill: A Halloween Letdown

ONE TREE HILL: 8.06 “Not Afraid”

One thing that I really like about One Tree Hill is that they know when to have fun. They can have some super heavy storylines–Haley’s depression, the near-death of cast members–and follow it up with a heart being eaten by a dog. This season, we had a pretty rough beginning, what with two characters being shot and recovering, another losing her company and watching her mother go to jail as all her money slips down the drain, and more. So when I saw the silly trailer for last night’s Halloween episode, I was thrilled to beans. Yes, to beans. We were getting a break from the madness, and we were going to have some fun!

Think of the night that Peyton and Lucas babysat Jamie. Yeah, that kind of fun.

But instead we got…well, just something ok. There was a lot more drama than I’d hoped, and honestly, a lot of the stuff seemed forced. Let’s look at Brooke and Julian’s mother. I mean, why did Brooke answer the door so angrily if she didn’t know who she was? Honestly, I thought maybe they had met before. Did they encounter each other earlier in the episode or something and I missed it? Anyway, the awkward drama between bride and mother-in-law is so cliche, especially if we’ve never seen her before, and I really didn’t believe that Julian was so whipped that he needed to wear a dog costume. I mean, really?

I will say, though, kudos to the show for making Brooke wear that orange costume for the rest of the episode.

Now, I did think Haley’s costume was funny, especially when she called herself out and said she was herself in high school. But beyond that, yawn town. It’s no surprise that the karaoke singer didn’t leap when Haley spoke to her. First of all, Haley didn’t establish herself more than a fan who liked the song (she didn’t even mention Red Bedroom when she told her good job), and second, every new musician on this show doesn’t seem to want to be part of the label at first. This is nothing new.

What about Jamie? Usually he bring a lightness, right? Nope, he was just boring, and his friend was just annoying. Bah humbug.

I’m glad we’ve finally brought attention to the fact that Quinn is scared, though. And I had just been thinking at the beginning of the episode how she never takes pictures anymore. Will I miss her when she’s gone (if we even see it)? Of course. But I am disappointed that they didn’t have a little more fun with Quinn and Clay in this episode. Everything they’ve been through recently warrants at least a little fun–maybe in the first 20 minutes? The drama hit them pretty hard and pretty fast in this one.

Finally, Mouth and Millie, and Chase and Mia. Just go away. I don’t like any of you any more, and I’m tired of you. For you ‘shippers out there, let me have it in the comments, but I just feel like this is old.

So it was a solid episode, sure, but I was hoping for more fun. It just seems like a missed opportunity.


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