Catching up on ‘One Tree Hill’

ONE TREE HILL: 8.04 “We All Fall Down”
ONE TREE HILL: 8.05 “Nobody Taught Us to Quit”

Well, in my absence, KM let the cat out of the bag. In the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten married and gone on a honeymoon, which meant this week has been crazy busy with trying to catch up on some of my favorite shows! Fortunately, since jetlag made me wake up at 5:30 one morning, I was able to catch up on One Tree Hill in a hurry. Just in time for the new episode airing tonight!

A lot and a little happened in these episodes, and I’m actually glad I watched them back-to-back. They really worked together, and I think if I had to wait a week in between, I would have been a little bored. But ultimately, Quinn and Clay were released from the hospital, Nathan quit basketball, and Brooke sold her company–and her fortune. Those were really the highlights, unless you care a smidge about Alex and Chase, which, by the way, I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re ok. Alex is 100 times better than Mia, who spent her time on the episodes whining and sulking. But I’m not invested enough in them to really care that Alex might’ve used Chase to get the bartending gig. Why? Well, because ultimately, we’re going to find out that she really liked Chase, even if her original reasons for befriending him were false. This happens in every romantic comedy ever.

True, it did kinda show more of Alex’s true colors–she hasn’t changed completely–but I can’t think that she’s really that awful.

I was actually most intrigued by Brooke’s story. I’m very interested to see where she goes from here. I was thrilled to see that she might’ve gotten married at the Biltmore House (I’m from the South; what can I say?), but with her having no money, I wonder if she really will now. Heck, I wonder if she’ll keep that awesome house! I must say, though, that while the discussion with the investor (and his daughter that wouldn’t go to college) was moving, I did side a little bit with Brooke’s mother. It really was his fault to invest all of his fortune in one company. Especially a fashion company during a recession. I personally think that paying him back 70% would have been plenty.

Also, if she’s so bright, why not push her to scholarships?

Ok, so I’m cold. When I’m a parent of a high schooler, you all can remind me of this moment and mock me relentlessly. Or you can just scold me in the comments. Your choice.

Meanwhile, there was Nathan. I like that he’ll be around more sans basketball, but what’s next for his character? How are he and Haley going to make money? Don’t they realize that they need money? I mean, is Haley even getting paid for her work on Red Bedroom Records? Because I always assumed that was a favor to Peyton.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, mainly because it’s a Halloween theme that could be a lot of fun. But also, it sure looked like the only person haunted by the shootings was Quinn (though I’m shocked that the cops or someone never cleaned up the blood after the investigation–didn’t they ever see Sunshine Cleaning?). I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the dark recesses of Quinn’s mind.

Two final questions: Did they ever say who donated a kidney to Clay? Was it implied that it was the black guy from the episode where Clay was all ghosty? Also, did they ever catch the shooter?


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