Thursday Open Thread: Favorite TGIF Show

Let’s take a step back and forget about the new TV that’s on. Let’s think of when we used to settle down and watch bad sitcoms on a Friday night.

What was your favorite TGIF show?

For those of you two don’t remember TGIF, it was ABC’s Friday comedy lineup. For those of you who remember it but don’t remember any shows except Family Matters and Step by Step, here’s a refresher.

For me, I was obsessed growing up with Full House–it was my favorite show–but I don’t remember watching it Friday nights. Same with Boy Meets World. I really caught up with that on syndication. I’m sure both were aired on Fridays, but I just don’t remember them as TGIF shows.

I do remember watching Perfect Strangers. I think that’s one of those shows that take me back in time. Now that was a fun show that would never see the light of day today. And, of course, I watched the typical Family Matters and Step by Step, but if I had to choose a favorite show that I associate with TGIF, it’d be Perfect Strangers.

What about you?

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite TGIF Show

  1. Full House was definitely my favorite TGIF show. Hands down. Boy Meets World would be second, followed by Step by Step. I remember watching and liking Perfect Strangers, but I can’t recall any specific episodes! It’s interesting how TGIF used to be so popular and now moving a show to Friday night is a death sentence.

  2. Thanks for the link to the line up, wihtout it i would have forgotten my favorite: Just the Ten of us. The Growing Pains spin off about Mikes basket ball coach and his 4 teenage daughters, one pre teen daughter, one tween son, and two baby twins. Even today, i think about scenes from epispdes. I think they started a girl band at one point.

  3. I’d have to go with Perfect Strangers! It was just so silly. Josh and I still call apples “app-les”. And we do the dance of joy.

  4. Dinosaurs and Boy Meets World, which are basically the only 2 series that I can actually enjoy watching today (excluding Muppets Tonight, which had a very short run). Dinosaurs, once you got past the baby’s one-liners, was just a refreshing comic take on the standard family comedy. Boy Meets World was one of those shows whose cast managed to have some excellent comic timing.

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