Chuck and Blair. No limit to the angst!

GOSSIP GIRL: 4.04 “A Touch of Eva”

Oh, Chuck. Oh, my darling. That was just heartbreaking. Ok. From the top.

Chuck is the new Mr. Popular. Eva seems to be bringing out the best in him, and everyone is happy about it. Everyone except Blair, of course. She tried to stir up trouble with the Cartier video. She tried to turn Chuck against Eva by exposing her “waitressing job” for what it really was. And when the truth didn’t work, she just outright lied. Blair, if you were so worried about Chuck’s loosing his heart to the wrong person, and Eva repeatedly came out on top, maybe, just maybe, she was the real deal. Did you ruin it for Chuck because you were jealous that he was finally happy and you weren’t? Or did you do it because you wanted Chuck back? Was this because she, and not you, finally made Chuck a good person? Or did you do it because you are just that awful a person? Whatever Chuck dishes out for you in the upcoming episodes will be your just desserts. His face when he thought that he was unloved, yet again, his run when he realized Blair set him up, and his pleas to Eva not to leave were all just heartbreaking. “Don’t leave. Everybody leaves”.

Serena is STILL obsessing. Let it go. Serena’s awful storyline can be summed up as follows. She wants Dan. She wants Nate. Dan is with Vanessa. Nate is “with Juliet”. She tries to woo Dan by wearing some weird cut out dress. She tells him she was coming home to decide between him and Nate, and then (shocker!) he sneers his way back to Vanessa’s waiting arms and the birdcages hanging from her ears.

Please forget whatever I said last week about the pace of Juliet’s storyline. Nothing is revealed. Nate suspects, Juliet lies. Nate believes. Nate suspects. Juliet lies. Nate believes. If Juliet puts the tags back on clothes and fakes living on Park Avenue, where is she (1) getting what had to have been a hefty wad of cash to bribe that doorman and (2) HOW is she handing out keys at the exclusive Hamilton House? Answer me that, show! Soon, please.

And now on to my favorite GG couple: Dan and Nate. Since the premiere, they have had this fantastic, matching-shirt, squee-tastic bromance that has been the highlight of each episode for me. I loved the way Nate whined his way into Dan’s good graces and then guilted the hooker information out of him. I hope they keep this dynamic up.

Next week: Gossip Girl spit chain!


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