Glee: Miss Brittany Susan Pierce

KT could never get caught between the moon and NYC because they’re, like, a hundred miles away.

GLEE:  2.02 “Britney/Brittany”

Here’s the thing about Glee:  between the gigantic cast, the musical numbers, and the speed at which we barrel through the scenes, it’s possible for it to feel like an episode contains a lot more story than it actually does.  It’s kind of the storytelling equivalent of empty calories.

The strong point of this episode was definitely the music numbers, so if you’re the kind of fan who loves lots of those, you were in luck with this one!  I thought they went a little overboard with the sheer number of characters who wound up having their very own Britney fantasies at the dentist, but I did enjoy the way Brittany made a fabulous Britney-impersonator.  I also loved the way Britney Spears wasn’t written into the “real life” of McKinley High, and she only had to play herself.  A little Britney goes a long way.

I thought Brittany’s initial objection to B. Spears was that, as Brittany S. Pierce, she’s been in the pop star’s shadow her whole life was a clever bit of writing, and it was entirely in character for her to treat that as a deep psychological issue she’s had to deal with.   Her self-empowerment that came from hallucinating herself into a Britney Spears music video was hilarious.

I did think it was a little weird that all the kids were into Britney, though.  Add this to Madonna and Gaga, and this glee club is  kind of monolithic in its musical tastes.  For a group that sings recent, popular songs all the time, they were ridiculously excited about singing a Britney song.

Anyway, I think it was just as well that this one did have so much music in it, because everyone who got a plotline was annoying this week.  Artie is still stuck on the idea that he could be a battering ram on the football field — though now Coach Bieste has actually let him on the team.  I’m curious to see what she has up her sleeve.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Rachel’s paranoia about Finn, and the conclusion she came to was neither original nor surprising, but it was certainly necessary.  I very much like the way that the relationship Rachel and Finn are building shows signs of becoming (in time) not only stable, but even healthy.  Amazing.

Will was at his least likable this week: he spent most of the episode being pushy and nasty about Emma dating someone else, and tried to hide it behind an effort to be less “uptight” — which is not the word I ever would have picked to describe a teacher who raps in glee club rehearsals or a man who goes on dates before his divorce is final.  But never mind that.  Just enjoy the music this week.


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