Recap Review: The Start of ‘Wonderfalls’

WONDERFALLS: 1.01 “The Wax Lion”

Finally (finally!), at long last, I’ve started watching Wonderfalls. Is it worth repeating the word “finally” and its synonyms? Yes. I’ve been hearing for years how I need to watch this show, so I’m glad I’m getting to (and that I own it, hehe).

I’m a huge fan of Joan of Arcadia, and I remembered that this show and Joan were on the air around the same time (if not the same time) and that people always compared the two when they aired. I’ll try to keep my comparisons to a minimum (after all, that could be another post!).

So let’s look at the first episode. Honestly, I was surprised. First, the majority of the faces in the cast, I’ve never seen before. How refreshing! Plus, there was humor. I’m not sure why I thought this would fall into the typical hourlong drama category with maybe a one-liner here or there, but I was wrong. It’s written in a very fun way.

I will admit, though, that it took me a while in the first episode to get used to Jaye. Her voiceover as she told the story of Niagara Falls, it was harsh, and a little irritating. When we met her, she came off as abrasive. I’m glad I was able to get past it, because I truly enjoy her as a lesser-known lead.

The story? Well, the talking animals grab my attention every time. They’re fun and creepy in this attractive way. Oh, maybe the weird bear souvenir crosssed the line in the end in my book, but I’m hoping that the lion continues his appearance through the series. He might not. I don’t know.

But the fact that Jaye was actually trying not to listen to them–that every time she didn’t, something bad would happen to reinforce that she should listen to them–was great. Why did I enjoy it so much? Well, it was a natural reaction…and it allowed for the objects to do the annoying singing, which drove her nuts.

My one complaint? Well, I guess we never really saw why it was important for Jaye to tell her sister that she loved her or why the delivery guy needed a new girlfriend. Perhaps it’s just the little things in life that are important, but since I am accustomed to Joan, I guess I was expecting something bigger. But then again, I haven’t watched the entire series yet.

Speaking of the entire series, I was appalled to discover that only four episodes were aired! I knew Wonderfalls was a famous cancellation in FOX’s long list of dead fan favorites, but I didn’t realize it had been cut that early. Uggh. At least we got a slew of unaired episodes on the DVD set, but I just wonder what could have been. Uggh.

Anyway, liking the show so far, even though I’m still in the early episodes. Do I recommend? So far so good!


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