Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Whedon Couple

I miss having Joss Whedon shows on TV, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Buffy. So with that in mind, I ask you:

Out of all of Joss’ shows, who is your favorite Whedon couple?

There are no rules here. These can be couples that were real (i.e., Buffy and Angel) or unrequited (i.e., Buffy and Xander). It can be from TV or even from the web (Dr. Horrible, anyone?).  Really, this is just my time to see the kind of shows you liked from Joss and the characters you enjoyed as well.

Personally, I think Simon and Kaylee from Firefly were cute, but the connection between Sierra and Victor in Dollhouse was great, too. I think I’ll lean toward Simon and Kaylee, though, just because the hit and miss flirting was so fun to watch on the series.

What about you?

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I don’t normally beg on Raked, but please don’t anyone say Willow and Kennedy. Man, I hate Kennedy.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Whedon Couple

  1. Gotta go with Simon and Kaylee, no question. While there are other couples that were great to watch in Whedon shows and certainly others that were more tragic, nothing paid off as much as seeing those two get together at the end of Serenity. It almost made up for the sudden and tragic death of Wash. Two very moving Whedon moments.

  2. Yeah, that’s exactly what’s awesome about Simon and Kaylee. And, that they’re even more adorable together than they are separately. 🙂

    The aspect I really love of Wash and Zoe’s relationship is that it’s a marriage, rather than a courtship. It’s the only one I can think of in the Whedon canon (which, fair enough, since most of the Buffy and Angel characters are so young), and I appreciate that even though we do see them disagree and hit a hard spot or two, the relationship is rock solid.

  3. CS, I certainly hope you’re kidding about Willow and Kennedy just to mess with me. Uggh.

  4. Listen… Kennedy’s awesome. She really is… awesome.

    Onto other things though… I’m surprised no one has mentioned their love of the comic brilliance that was Xander/Anya.

    But Kennedy’s awesome.

  5. I’d have to go with Buffy and Riley, since they were just trying so hard to make it work and he was just too good to her (except for the end and all the weird vamp fetish stuff he did). Harmony and Blondie-Bear? Awesome.

    Kudos to the Xander/Anya shoutout! Xander and Cordelia also worked well. Faith and the Mayor had good chemistry too – it was nice to see her change as she realized someone would take care of her.

  6. Willow and Tara by far. The two of them have the best chemistry of any couple I’ve seen on television. Other than them, I think I’d go for Topher and Bennett or Xander and Anya.

  7. Zoe and Wash. Their marriage reminds me of Eric and Tami Taylor’s (FNL) which will forever be my goal in a relationship.

  8. For emotion, willow and tara; but for mentality and the physical, willow and kennedy. Spike and Buffy, Cordelia and Xander, Giles and Jenny

  9. Willow and Tara. Like Deepa said, they definitely have the strongest relationship. When they were together, everything was just incredibly intense. I liked Kennedy as a character because she was persistent, more forceful than Tara. But as far as being with Willow goes, Tara wins.

    and Buffy and Spike – because of the crazy awesome sex.

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