Parenthood: What’s all the bickering about?

PARENTHOOD: 2.03 “I’m Cooler Than You Think”

Is it just me, or is there just too much arguing on TV today. Is it that we’re running out of storylines? Are the arguments on reality TV just pushing through into TV dramas?

Don’t get me wrong. I realize a show needs conflict. But last year on Parenthood, there was emotional drama. There were some lighthearted moments. If anything, there were times where people weren’t yelling at each other, snapping at each other, scolding each other, and generally just being angry.

Wednesday’s episode just seemed irritating to me. With every rise in blood pressure of the characters, there was a rise in blood pressure myself.

Let’s look at Amber and Sarah. Ok, so Sarah was being pushy about wanting to be “cool.” In fact, just thinking about her wanting to join Amber and her friend at the concert made me feel like Lauren Graham was trying to get back to the good ol’ days when she and Rory used to go to Bangles concerts together. These aren’t the same daughters.

And I realize that Amber is a teenager, but she was just being so rude! I was completely turned off by the storyline because of how rude Amber was and how desperate Sarah was. (Though I did appreciate that Kevin Alejandrof of Southland fame is making an appearance.)

Who else? Haddie and Kristina? Kristina was just so pushy and annoying. I mean, that’s why Haddie was getting irritated at her. But they never gave her any reason to be so pushy, other than just wanting Haddie to win. It seemed unwarranted and forced.

Crosby? Ok, his defense to Jasmine’s mother was completely warranted, and I greatly appreciated that moment. If only he hadn’t been overshadowed by all the other bickering and complaining and whining in the episode. That being said, I’m looking forward to what’s to come (just as long as Jasmine stays in only a minimal capacity. I’m still not a fan).

The one storyline that I was completely invested in was Julia and Joel. I think is completely interesting, to tell the “stay-at-home parent” from the man’s point of view–since it’s his life that would be the most effected by a new child. This didn’t even occur to Julia (which is very telling). However, did you notice that after he requested that it be an even partnership–no dictating on her part–that after he asked if she wanted to have another child, she said yes but then didn’t ask him the same? He admitted he did, too, but I have a feeling this “even partnership” will be a rocky road.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to new episodes, but I do hope that the fun gets back into the show. I miss it. (Unfortunately, I might miss the next couple episodes, so bear with me as I catch up!)


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