Vampire Diaries: Rolling my eyes and howling

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 2.03 “Bad Moon Rising”

If it were Seth Green, maybe I would take it, but I’m just not thrilled with the addition of werewolves on Vampire Diaries. Don’t get me wrong. I read the books. I knew it was going to happen. But sadly, much of the audience for this show has probably not read the books, so they’re probably watching this turn of events and going, “Oh, it’s just like Twilight!” Except the full moon is involved and there are chains.

Sounds like one kinky night. (Speaking of, if Tyler’s uncle chained himself up, how did he get out?)

Anyway, seeing as I’m a mad supporter of this show, I don’t want anything else that could draw on the similarities to Twilight. That’s so last season. And even in the books, Tyler didn’t have a strong, dangerous presence. At least not to the vamps. It was more just annoying and hotheaded. Can’t we get that back?

Tyler aside, it was an ok episode. I was much more invested in Elena, Alaric (who’s back!), and Damon, than Caroline and Stefan, though. I’m glad Caroline accidentally attacked Matt, though, because I was just thinking about how easy this transition was for her. I mean, leading her into a party full of people? Wouldn’t that drive her nuts? I’m glad she couldn’t handle it, even if it hurt Matt in the end.

And what about Matt in the end? Clearly, Caroline just acted jealous so that he would break up with her and he would be safe, but I’m not sure how I’m going to like that. They were so cute. We were so invested in them working it out. I have to say, I kinda miss cute, self-centered but sweet Caroline without the dark eye makeup. But you know, we needed this new direction, so there you go.

As for Elena and Damon, I really love them. I loved how Damon was playfully tormenting her the entire episode, and it’s so clear how much he cares for her. His honesty and reaction when she said that she did hate him and the friendship was over was really genuine and fantastic. I was hoping to see dark Damon–the one that “killed” Jeremy–for a little while longer, and that did disappear quick, but maybe this means there will be a new direction for Damon, too. We all know that at some point they’ll be friends again. I mean, they have to be. Right?

Anyway, if not for the werewolves, I would have really enjoyed this episode. So perhaps, “Rolling my eyes and howling” is a little drastic, but let’s focus on the good stuff, k? Like maybe Katherine wanting Caroline to be her minion? Now THAT’S something to see.


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: Rolling my eyes and howling

  1. Yes, the werewolf storyline was definitely not a shock!! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m wondering what Tyler is going to do. Does he have a choice in regards to turning into one? And I was glad to see Caroline struggle with this transition into a vampire. It can’t be easy! I was sad for Matt though. I don’t think these two are over just yet. And I was a little bored with the Elena, Damon, and Alaric storyline (although glad Alaric is back!). And I was surprised Elena would go anywhere with Damon right now after he just tried to kill her brother. I know she didn’t forgive him, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him! I’m looking forward to seeing next week’s episode with Katherine and her interaction with Caroline.

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