Thursday Open Thread: What night’s your TV night?

Yes, I’m a TV blogger. I watch TV every day (well, not Saturday, if we’re looking at only primetime. Nothing’s on on Saturday). But you know, there are some days when you just have so much on TV. Your favorite show… multiple shows…shows you just want to sit down, unwind, relax, and watch. A day where any and all of those things happen.

So what night is your TV night?

For me, it used to be Monday. There was always so much on. But now, I’d say my favorites fall on Thursday, with some overlap (so the TiVo is busy). But there’s also Tuesday–I mean, I have three solid hours of TV that I watch on Tuesday! So for my TV nights, here’s my lineup:

Tuesday: One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Parenthood

Thursday: Vampire Diaries, Community, The Office, plus others if there are reruns (Big Bang Theory, Bones, Fringe…)

Now, this doesn’t have to be your “live TV night.” Maybe you gather up all your DVR-ed shows and watch them at the same time. I know people who do that!

So when’s your TV night?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What night’s your TV night?

  1. Thursday is my biggest TV night too! At 8:00 I watch or DVR Bones and Vampire Diaries. And then at 9:00 I have Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. I kind of wanted to check out that new show “My Generation” on ABC, but I already have too many shows to watch on Thursdays!

  2. Monday use to be a big night, with House, 24, and BBT. THursday has always been a busy night, from the days of Friends, Will and Grace to Todays Office and 30 Rock. Even during the summer, Burn Notice and either white collar or Royal Pains was on, i forget. Fridays use to also be a night looked forward to with the Syfy line up of Stargate and Dr Who.

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