Thursday Night Comedy War: Stand with Community

Last year, I watched Big Bang Theory on Mondays, and Community on Thursdays. Unfortunately, this year, CBS has made play for Thursday nights, and moved the highly rated Big Bang into the same timeslot shared by Community. This conflict has forced me to make a choice, which I am now turning into a call to action.

If you enjoy clever, smart, inventive, sitcoms please please please ditch Big Bang and watch Community instead. Big Bang Theory is a very ordinary, formulaic show. I do find it enjoyable, and it has been funny in the past, but lately it’s gone downhill. The plots have been boring and cookie-cutter, both Sheldon’s weirdness and Wolowitz’s creepy horndoggery have been pushed a little too far and are now just stupid instead of funny. Sheldon’s “buzzinga!” buzz-word makes me want to throw my remote at the TV. Finally, the show has a laugh track. It’s 2010! Laugh tracks are for idiots! Laugh tracks are holdovers from the days of black and white TV, when producers thought audiences were too dumb to notice a joke! Laugh tracks do not belong on TV anymore; ever!

Community, on the other hand, is full of subtle humor and inventiveness. The paintball episode, the Goodfellas episode, the police procedural episode, were all great and hilarious examples of TV creativity that you can’t find anywhere else. The writers of the show, knowing what they’re up against, are coming out of the gate with some great ideas for this year, particularly the stop-motion animated Christmas special. This show doesn’t need a laugh track, it’s too smart for that. This show, in fact, may have finally killed the laugh track for me; laugh tracks are now insulting.

So, if you can, pick the smarter, funnier, more inventive show (Community) over the tired, old, formulaic one (Big Bang Theory) when you’re deciding what to watch on Thursdays.

Sorry Big Bang. You had a good (albeit short) run, but like the lumbering dinosaurs, it’s time for something smarter and faster to come along an eat your lunch.

Readers, don’t let mediocrity win.

Down with Big Bang

Long Live Community!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Night Comedy War: Stand with Community

  1. “It’s 2010! Laugh tracks are for idiots! Laugh tracks are holdovers from the days of black and white TV, when producers thought audiences were too dumb to notice a joke! Laugh tracks do not belong on TV anymore; ever!”

    Hear Hear!

    Sports Night had a laugh track for the first few episodes until they realized that they were too smart for that. I love watching the first season and hearing the laugh track completely disappear.

  2. Of course, the whole situation can be solved with a decent DVR or even a VCR. I agree with the spirit of your post, but i do not necessarily agree. Maybe i am just coming to the defense of the show that does not have a champion in this fight, but i feel there is definatly a place for the more traditional 3 camera show like BBT. What sets this show aside from previsou shows is that it does not drop itself into the same formula for premise. Shows like “a group of 20-something career minded single folks in a big city” can only stretch so much. Taking what would be an off beat side character in any other show and making them the three main leads (Penny being the 4th) is something i dont think we have seen before. And because of this, new scenerios can and have beeen written. Plus, its a very character driven. As the situation seems to arise from the nature of the characters, rather than the random situation that they are placed in a must then react to.

    Now i love community and am a big Joel McHale fan, which is why a DVR allowed me to watch both last night. But the show does seem to shoot for more random comdey than actual story driven situaitonal. Sure there is an arcing story somewhere in there, but the funny parts are not from the situaiton, but the random acts that happen along the way.

    Based on last nights two season openers, BBT was a great episode with Sheldon oon his first date, but community was only so so, what the “I love you to spite you” story. BBT Its smarter than you give it credit for, laugh track or not. I choose Nerd life 4 life!

  3. To be fair, AKY, the situation can’t be solved all that easily, given the number of other things that are on Thursday nights. My TiVo is busy with Vampire Diaries, and if not that, there’s also Bones! There’s too much going on on Thursday that a lot of people just have to choose. 😦

    Btw, I loved the Community opener. The vast array of meta references really had me chuckling.

  4. I’m really impressed by the loyalty that Community has been inspiring. I never tried it last year, so I’ll have to catch up.

    I do still love Big Bang Theory, though. I just wish CBS would get with the program and start putting full episodes online like they do for HIMYM. You create a show beloved by nerds, and you don’t put it on the interwebs? Bad CBS.

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