Parenthood: Jasmine sucks and Peter whines

PARENTHOOD: 2.02 “No Good Deed”

Before I vent about Jasmine and somewhat about Peter, I must say, kudos to Parenthood for showing us Noel. He was a striking contrast to Max, and I think we all were feeling what Peter and Kristina were feeling, just by watching this kid, let alone standing in the same room with him. That was great. Annoying and barely tolerable, but great and needed for the show.

However, Peter still bugged me. But it wasn’t his home life that did it. It was his professional life. Sure, he has every right to get a little uncomfortable with Sarah’s bond with the bossman, but he just bugged me by harping on everything Sarah did. As JC mentioned while we were watching, does every family fight this much?

Meanwhile, what did we think about Sarah’s parents ignoring every concern she had about what her children were supposed to do after school? Personally, I think that it’s great that Drew and Amber had such a great relationship with their grandparents, but considering Amber’s past, she especially needs to get that homework done!

And Jasmine. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Jasmine. She’s always seemed selfish to me. No, not selfish in the way a mother is, where she’s super controlling as a mother of her child. Sure, she’s that, too, but her reasons behind treating Crosby like an absentee dad that’s finally back in the picture–which is not the case since she didn’t tell him about Jabbar and he instantly tried to be part of his life–is all because she’s selfish. It’s like she just doesn’t want to adjust her life to let Jabbar’s father in.

Now, with her new European tour, she still won’t budge to make Crosby feel like a part of a real family. If she had legitimate concerns, I’d understand, but she didn’t list one. She just immediately said he couldn’t do it because it was a long time. Now, her mom, as she inspected the houseboat, I could see her having legit concerns. But even after Jasmine decided again that her mom would care for Jabbar, she didn’t discuss it with Crosby. She just told him that’s how it would be.

Uggh. I really just don’t like her. She treats him like crap, and honestly, she deserved every word that Crosby angrily said to her. However, if you’re a mother out there, you’re welcome to disagree with me and let it out in the comments. I’m not one, so maybe I’m looking at it with a different vantage point.

Let’s hope next week is a little more fun and a little less angry. I feel tense just writing this, let alone when I watched the episode!


2 thoughts on “Parenthood: Jasmine sucks and Peter whines

  1. I suppose they’ve only known Crosby for 6 months. Even if he has the same DNA, and he’s cared for Jabbar for a few days here and there, it doesn’t make him qualified for full time care for a long time. And really, I can see Jasmine still not being completely comfortable with Crosby as a person or father.

    However, 4 weeks is not that long. Her mom seems to be nearby if Crosby needs anything. I think he has the right to see his kid and care for him if he wishes. Perhaps they should’ve worked out a two week with Crosby two weeks with Jasmine’s mom thing.

    In general this episode boored me. Grating. Although the Pacman scene was funny. I don’t enjoy watching Lauren Graham gripe for 30 minutes. She doesn’t sell it well.

    I wasn’t sure if the kids weren’t doing their homework at all or if they weren’t doing it immediately. I don’t think their grandmother would let them neglect it outright.

  2. I cannot stand Jasmine or her mother. I wish they’d written more sympathetic characters for 2 of the only POC on the show. They are both selfish and manipulative.

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