One Tree Hill: Hoping for a happy ending

ONE TREE HILL: 8.02 “I Can’t See You, But I Know You’re There”

I didn’t watch any of the new series premiering last night. Instead, I sobbed my way through One Tree  Hill.

You know, for a show that’s made a habit of potentially killing someone off in every series finale it had (ok, except maybe that one when Peyton had the kid), this is really the first time they’ve extended that out through multiple episodes when the show returned. I mean, Dan was hit by a car, but we knew he would remain alive by the first episode. The limo drove off into the river, with Nathan jumping in after it, but in the first episode, we found out that everyone was ok.

This is different. After a full episode of dreaming, we see Haley deal with the gore and reality of Quinn and Clay’s demise. Demise? Ok, perhaps that’s jumping the gun (pardon the pun). The entire episode was filled with hopeful pleas as Nathan, Haley, and even Jamie jump in to give words of love and optimism to the two unconscious bodies of Clay and Quinn, while their two souls (so to speak) are left in a limbo. Clay desperately tries to tell Quinn good-bye without her having it, but eventually, she opens her eyes, alone in a hospital room with no Clay to be seen.

It’s questionable whether Clay will survive at this point. They certainly seemed like we were telling him good-bye in this episode, what with his final moment of standing in the ocean, with each wave burying more of his feet in the sand. You have to admit, the writers and director understand symbolism in One Tree Hill.

I assumed that was the last we would see of Clay, but then again, we didn’t see him flatline, and the preview for next week still has him in the limbo world. So if it’s possible, he’s still got a shot. But his good-bye with Quinn sure was honest, and he did admit that while she got weaker in the limbo world, he was getting stronger, noting that perhaps he belonged there and she didn’t.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what we’ll do without Clay if we do really say good-bye, but I can’t imagine it will be anything good. Either way, I think my crying will continue next week.

Other highlights:

  • Blah to Mia and Chase. Just get Mia out of there. Please.
  • Though I did like Jamie’s hesitation to go with them, since he didn’t recognize them. I loved his “considering my track record” comment. Kudos to not forgetting Nanny Carrie.
  • I feel like Brooke’s storyline should have been on hold this week. I wasn’t as interested as I should have been considering everything else that was going on. Plus, she seemed to be everywhere: the hospital, the store, lawyer’s office…everywhere.
  • I really just wanted to focus on Quinn and Clay the entire time. And I wanted to hear what Haley told the cops. That would have been interesting.
  • I wonder if Nathan is now going to get kicked off his team. The way she said he should have been away and he wasn’t indicated that perhaps he wasn’t supposed to go.
  • Kate Voegele’s version of the theme song SUCKED. That was the worst version of “I Don’t Wanna Be” I’ve ever heard. I sing it better in the shower…with a cold…and a duck quacking in the background.

Now on to next week. Predictions? Should we get our Clay memorials ready? Or are you hoping for a happy ending, too?


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