Glee: Just tryin’ to recruit new members

KT likes this guy Sam, but he’s gotta lose the Bieber cut.

GLEE:  2.01 “Auditions”

Mmm, auditions.  I gotta say, I’m kinda with Rachel on this one.  I’d love the realism of getting the club up to the size of a real high school chorus.  But then I also don’t want the cast to get so big that we never see the minor characters

That said, Rachel’s way of handling it is pretty outrageous.  I wasn’t surprised that she felt threatened by Sunshine, but when she handed her an address, I figured she was just planning to stage a kangaroo court of an audition at her own house.  (And how would someone like Rachel even know where the crack houses are, anyway?)

But though Rachel was at her most annoying through the middle of the episode, her last scene with Finn was something really special.  After their hit-and-miss (but mostly miss) attempts at dating last season, naturally each would expect the other to be ready to break up, given the bumps they each hit in this episode.  It was really nice to see them surprise each other, and it was really impressive to see Finn get Rachel to admit her selfishness and talk her into apologizing for it.  This relationship may go somewhere interesting yet.

Though this wasn’t an easy episode for him, Finn’s Cheerio audition was pure gold.  For one, Sue’s got Becky there at the judging table with her — no explanation, she’s just there, and I love Sue for that.  For another, Finn was actually pretty articulate about the reasons he wants to be on the squad — not always something our head jock can manage.  And of course his dance moves were something pretty special…

Also made of gold?  Sue’s confrontation with Santana about her boob job.  It’s a rare scene where Sue can go off on one of her rants and be the voice of reason at the same time, but once in a blue moon, it happens.  Go Sue.

For that matter, I enjoyed seeing Will and Sue as allies, though clearly that won’t last.  Coach Beiste turns out to be actually a pretty cool person in her own right.  A friendship between her and Will might be interesting.  Come to think of it, you know who “The Panther” might really be able to help?  Emma.

Mind you, there’s no sign of Emma this week, or Terri, for that matter, and that’s fine.  I am more than happy to let Will’s romances sit on the back burner for a while.

But you know who does get a little more screen time than usual? I’m excited to see Tina, my favorite back-bencher, come out of the shadows a little bit.  She’s more outgoing than last year — and apparently now she’s dating Mike Chang.  I’m a little ambivalent about this:

  • On the one hand, it provides a storyline for three characters who were kept mostly on the sidelines last year.
  • But on the other hand, is a love triangle the only kind of romantic development the writers can come up with?  Seriously.
  • On the other other hand (which is probably the same as the first hand), this is a realistic teenage experience:  you date someone for a while, and then you date someone else for a while.  Just because Artie and Tina were cute together in season one doesn’t mean they should have to be shackled together for the rest of high school.

Of course, with Tina dating Mike, it’s easy to complain that the writers just paired up the two Asians — so the show helpfully gets that out of the way for us, courtesy of Jacob ben Israel.  The episode goes on to play two more Asian race jokes with them — the flashback to “Asian summer camp” and then the line about how the Asian community in Lima is really close-knit.  The former struck me as more silly than funny, while the latter felt like a funny-because-it’s-true kind of joke — but because it was the third one, I felt that we were hitting that note a little too hard, to be honest.  Hopefully we’ll get to know these two a little better soon so that the jokes don’t have to rely on the three things we know about Mike (Asian, dancer, great abs).

I’ve hardly mentioned the two new kids yet, but I like them both.  It was cute to have Finn hear Sam singing in the shower — same as Will heard Finn singing in the shower in the pilot – and Rachel’s duet with Sunshine was awesome.  In the end, I was surprised that neither one of them joined the club, though I assume that’s only a matter of time. Glee seems to be back on top of its game – here’s hoping it can stay there!


2 thoughts on “Glee: Just tryin’ to recruit new members

  1. Observations:
    Leah Michelle lost way too much weight.
    I had hoped Rachel’s self-centeredness might be toned down a bit this season so I was sad and annoyed to see her faults highlight the episode.
    Finn’s reason for auditioning for cheerios was interesting. I wonder how long it’ll last before he’s back on the team.

    I’d also hoped that Glee would tone down the gratuitous songs that plagued the second half of last season. But no. “Listen” and Rachel’s ending song were boring and I can’t help but wish there was actual writing going on to enrich the scenes rather that throw a song at us.

  2. I don’t disagree about Rachel’s self-centeredness, but the way Finn brought it up at the end gives me hope that we might see some progress in that area this season.

    And yeah, if Finn stays off the football team for more than, say, three episodes? I will be utterly shocked.

    Too much time spent singing? Yeah, probably (though you know that as long as they’re making a killing off iTunes downloads it’ll never change). As much as I enjoyed Rachel and Sunshine singing “Telephone,” I really liked the way Sue cut them short. Sunshine’s solo — and maybe Sam’s as well — could have gotten similar treatment as far as I’m concerned. And while “What I Did For Love” is a big, important number in A Chorus Line, I’ve always felt it’s the boring part of the movie. I thought it was a thematic fit for Rachel, but I just don’t like the song. A Chorus Line is totally a show Rachel would pull a song from, though. She’d love nothing more than to be the “One singular sensation.” 😛

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