The Event-ish

THE EVENT: 1.01 “I Haven’t Told You Everything”

First thing I didn’t know before watching The Event: The actual premise.

Second thing I didn’t know before watching The Event: Our very own Luke Danes (aka, Scott Patterson) was in it.

Third thing I didn’t know before watching The Event: Anything other than the fact that Jason Ritter and Laura Innes were in it.

What do I know now that I’ve watched The Event? Our very own Luke Danes (aka, Scott Patterson) is in it, and so are Jason Ritter and Laura Innes.

Don’t get me wrong. The show has intrigue. I mean, you really don’t know what’s going on. But the show has one problem: You really don’t know what’s going on.

Sadly enough, I’m not entirely sure if we know yet what “the Event” is. Was it that thing with the plane? Was it something coming up later? They said that Sean was going to tell people about the Event (though we don’t know yet how he knows about it), and I assume that we haven’t seen it happen yet. BUT with the Cloverfield-esque filmography at the beginning of the episode, we were led to assume that this episode would lead us up to the Event. I guess not?

Anyway, the format of the show was intriguing enough, jumping back and forth so you had to piece together the whole story (which we haven’t been able to do yet), but my main complaint is that there were too many characters to go around in the first episode. I think I would have been pleased to only pay attention to Sean and his girlfriend’s dad, so that it would have been that much bigger when you discovered that the pilot sabotaging the plane was her father.

But once you add the President, the prisoners, the FBI guy chasing Sean, well, that’s a lot of people! And they add a lot of timelines. We were jumping around quite a bit, and we might’ve been better off without them.

For example, here’s my suggestion: Episode one, you’ve got Sean, his girlfriend, and her family–all those storylines. Heck, even toss in the FBI agent that’s chasing him if you want. Then, end the episode with the point of view of Michael Buchanan, as the plane is going down. It can envelope in white and then BAM! Credits.

Then, in episode two, go back and show us the political side: the President, his minions, the detainees. We know what’s happening in the sky. They can still be reacting to it. Then, you can end with the scene that we actually ended with. Then when you pile all these storylines together in the next episode, you’ll be ready for it because you want to know.

Will I watch next week? Probably so. It’s not that I necessarily want to know what swallowed the plane up, whether it was a portal into another dimension (a la Sliders) or aliens  (this show has always reminded me a little of V, with Innes’ commercial, “We mean you no harm.”). Really, what I’m intrigued about is whether Sean’s girlfriend’s kid is ok. Her grandmother was shot in the head. Her grandfather is in a disappearing plane. And her mother is just gone. She was kidnapped–did they kill her, too?

Perhaps I’m focusing on the wrong detail here.


3 thoughts on “The Event-ish

  1. I get the feeling that they want to be vague with holes as long as possible. So it could really go anywhere from this point on, yeah. I kinda was hoping that we’d at least know a direction, you know?

  2. Those are good suggestions. I’ve read some other reviews saying that a big problem with the show was that the characters weren’t fleshed out enough to be really interesting, and the show needed strong characters from the start because of the big mystery. So, based on your suggestion, if they had focued on a small cast in the first epsiode, they could have fleshed out their personalities better. Maybe they’ll find their focus later on.

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