HIMYM: By golly, Cindy went for it

KT totally called dibs, you know.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER:  6.01 “Big Days”

All summer, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have been telling interviewers that, after a hit-or-miss fifth season, this year HIMYM is going to try to recapture the fun of the show’s early seasons.  So, no pressure here or anything.

But while it took until the end of the episode to make up my mind, I thought this was a good first step.

I say it took until the end because the initial set-up didn’t look like anything special.  Ted’s storyline is a tease, bringing back Cindy from last season and introducing a girl who could have been her roommate — and thus, The Mother — but turned out at the last minute to be her date instead.  But though it left Ted and Barney with nothing to do but ogle a girl who wouldn’t have wanted to date either of them, I liked the reconciliation between Cindy and Ted.  Now I could believe she might introduce him to her roommate one of these days.

The heart of the episode, though, belonged to Marshall and Lily.  Since the last two episodes that dealt with their deciding to have a baby left me feeling squirmy and uncomfortable, initially I was afraid this was going to be more of that.  You know, the candles, the music, the rest of the cliches (though admittedly the banjos were a nice touch) — but then Marshall came home, Lily had clothes on, and we went in a different direction entirely.

We’ve seen before that Lily doesn’t always fit in with Marshall’s family, though in the past it’s been placed more on his mother.  The invasive father-in-law was a new story,(something this show has been needing), and also a different way to play on the idea that something normal to one member of a couple is weird and unwanted to the other.  As it played out, the events were amusingly exaggerated, as you’d expect, but the emotions felt real, and I really enjoyed their scenes in the bar and on the steps of their building.

Another moment that really won me over was Barney’s split second of sentimentality — admitting to Lily how much he would like to know his father.

Of course, the big blinking question the episode set for us is “Whose wedding is it, anyway?”  Given the way the ending was set up, I think it could easily be Cindy and Dibs-girl — though that would mean we’ll be seeing a lot more of Cindy, if Ted’s the best man.  He’d be more natural as a best man for Barney or Robin, but can you picture either of them getting married anytime… ever?

Last thing:  Let’s remember that Ted’s last line as he went into the church was “No, I didn’t bring an umbrella.”


7 thoughts on “HIMYM: By golly, Cindy went for it

  1. Whose wedding do I think it was? Could it have been Barney’s? After all, Ted is best man, and the way Barney was looking at Robin seemed very much like something was still there between the two of them. Tantilizing.

    I adored the Lily/Marshall storyline. I’m glad we didn’t jump right into a “we’re trying” cliched sitcom storyline. We needed that. And I loved Lily’s moment of vulnerability. That was nice.

  2. My favorite moment from Lily’s “No. We didn’t,” in response to Marshall’s “We talked about this!” (about his parents coming for three months when the baby is born) — her voice went down a register and her eyes were like dinner plates. You could hear her feel things slipping out of control.

    Good point about the look Barney was giving Robin. I think we’d need to see some serious character growth from Barney before that relationship really worked, though. Possible.

  3. Well, we don’t know how far in the future the wedding was, right? Could be one year–could be many?

    The best part about the discussion of whether they talked about this was Marshall’s response: “I meant me and my dad talked about it.” Of course, there, I’m looking at the humor of the situation.

  4. The creators were skirting a fine line with the blonde girl and wedding trick at the end of the episode. This is what they’ve done in the past to keep us off the trail and make the search for the mother seem more like a red herring. I know they’ve said in interviews that they’re really going to move towards that goal this season, but they really better start doing it soon. Last night’s episode was fine, but I don’t know if I could stand many more of those “cute” surprise dead-ends. It’s been six years already!

  5. I think it’d be fantastic if they did an episode where he’s at a party, and he’s introduced to like 15 women, and at the end of the episode, you hear, “And kids, that’s how I met your mother.” Then they spend the rest of the series figuring out which one it really was since we didn’t really know. It would change the direction a bit without the blind teasers.

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