Vampire Diaries: There will be blood

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 2.02 “Brave New World”

Sorry for the delay, folks. Was out of town, and just got around to watching last week’s Vampire Diaries. By the way, if someone could tap the CW on the shoulder and ask them to post episodes a little sooner, that would be great. My TiVo busted partway through the episode, so I saw the last 15 minutes through some scramble-vision. I think it just went up this morning.

Anyway, this episode was really about a girl named Caroline. I have to admit, seeing Caroline suffocated last episode, knowing that this will then leave her to transition into vampire was a rather large shock, and I certainly don’t want to see her go the way of Vicki. The strange part here, though, is how quickly Caroline turned to drinking blood while Vicki did spend a few hours trying to fight against it. Of course, she didn’t have someone around explaining exactly what was going on with her.

What was most interesting about Caroline’s transition was that there was this glimmer of evil that just seemed to come out. I loved seeing her shock and appreciation that she could control the nurse at the hospital. And honestly, her moment with Damon in the hallway was one of the best of the episode. It wasn’t really the fact that she threw him on his back in an instant, but I loved seeing that power that she held. I want to see more of it.

And will we? Well, I hope so. I don’t think the transition is really going to be as simple as breathing through each craving, as we saw at the end of the episode. I think it would be much fun to find out that she joins Katherine’s camp and becomes a dark vampire…but then again, I don’t want her staked, so we’ll see if that’s really something I’d want.

I did feel bad for that poor carnival worker. He gets beat up by Tyler and his uncle, then is killed by Caroline. That’s not cool. But Bonnie’s reaction to Caroline’s fate was definitely something to see. It did make me angry, though. She asked Damon to give Caroline some of his blood, so it’s certainly not his fault, even if she did say that she’d blame any vampiric force on Damon. Blarg.

But I do agree with Damon. I think Caroline will be bad news–and a possible threat of exposure. I’d hate to see her killed. How long do you think she’ll last?

As for Tyler and his uncle, I’m a little bored with them. Yes, I read the books, but it’s pretty obvious what these two men really are without reading the books. I don’t want to say it here, in case someone really doesn’t know, but dragging it out is just not really my cup of tea. I think they should just make the big reveal and move on. But then again, I never really liked Tyler anyway.

And finally, Jeremy. I must say, clearly this episode was filmed after the hiatus because Jeremy looks like an almost completely different person. He’s grown up. I do like this potential friendship brewing between him and Damon, despite their threats of murder. I’m curious to see where this goes. And dare I say it? Jeremy wasn’t completely lame this time!

But you know what was? Stephan jumping up to the top of the ferris wheel. That was lame.


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: There will be blood

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. I was curious to see how Caroline dealt with becoming a vampire. It was really interesting to watch! I’m really pulling for her! I don’t want her to die. I think it will be an interesting storyline for her to continue to live and learn to control her thirst.
    Bonnie is annoying me. I can understand her hatred for Damon but she asked him to do that to her!! You can’t have it both ways! And it already appears as though Elena has forgiven Damon for trying to kill her brother. That was quick.
    And it is VERY obvious what Tyler and his uncle are. I would be surprised to find someone who doesn’t realize what is happening there.
    And yes, Stephan jumping at the end was incredibly lame. I felt embarrassed to be watching the show at that point. Haha!

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