Thursday Open Thread: Anticipated new series

So last week we discussed our returning favorites, so why not turn our eye to the brand-spankin’ new series that are starting up each and every day?

What new show are you highly anticipating–and which ones do you think will flop?

Personally, I’m jazzed about The Event, but then again, it’s NBC, so I’m a little hesitant. After all, NBC is the one that brought us Heroes (even though, they did have a good first season). Honestly, I just get nervous about anything NBC puts mad publicity and marketing behind, which appears to be the case for The Event. But I do like Jason Ritter.

What else? Hmmm. Is it sad that I’m not more excited about new series? I’m sure there are others. Better With You has potential, mainly because of the cast, but I’ve heard some mixed things about the series (laughtrack, anyone?). I guess the only other one I’ll keep my eye out for is No Ordinary Family. Again, I like the cast, but it sounds a little too much like Heroes. I have hope, though. Who knows? It could be more Incredibles than Heroes, and I liked that movie.

As for flops? Let’s give a mad floppy shoutout to Outsourced and may I top that with Undercovers? They both look awful. (and just mentioning Undercovers gets that stupid song they use in the promo in my head. Uggh.)

What about you? This might help; it’s a schedule of premieres, so you can see what’s coming up–and they link out to some descriptions.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Anticipated new series

  1. Agreed, Outsourced looks atrocious, and early reviews seem to have confirmed that suspicion. I’m excited about Boardwalk Empire. I think I’ll follow it via iTunes if it’s up there.

  2. Count me among the few who have absolutely no idea what new shows are premiering this season.

    Except for Outsourcing, which I believe will have a very short shelf life.

  3. Boardwalk Empire has caught my eye — it looks gorgeous, if nothing else.

    I think I might check out the Hawaii Five-0 remake, mostly because BSG’s Grace Park is in it. Apparently she has a knack for getting cast in roles that were male in the original series? And the inclusion of Daniel Dae Kim and Alex O’Loughlin certainly don’t hurt either.

    I haven’t seen the ads or anything, but The Event hadn’t really caught my attention. Maybe because the name just sounds really bland to me. So I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

    I kind of wish Undercovers didn’t looks so bad. Mostly because of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who (a) has a name that’s really fun to say once you figure out how, and (b) showed up on Doctor Who as Martha’s sister a few seasons back. And I think it’s cool that they cast a black couple as the leads in a spy show. So I might check that out just from wishful thinking.

  4. I was just checking out that schedule of premieres. I can’t see S#*! My Dad Says lasting long either. But hey, it’s got Shatner, so who knows.

  5. Somewhere on the internet, I saw someone compare Shat My Dad Says to Caveman — a sitcom with unusual origins that turned out to be epically bad. Seems likely.

  6. I know that people keep giving Mike and Molly a hard time, and no, I don’t think that it’s going to be that great. But I will give it one pilot watch, solely because the girl from Gilmore Girls is in it. I have faith in her. She was even cute in Samantha Who (though I’ve never seen her in a leading role).

    I keep forgetting about Sh*t My Dad Says. It could have pull because the Shat is in it.

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