Last week on ‘Vampire Diaries’

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 2.01 “The Return”

In my zeal to watch the new Vampire Diaries and process every little shock, I completely forgot to write about last week’s season opener. And what an opener it was.

I thought I had heard that someone was going to turn into a vampire this season, but I feared it would be lame ol’ Jeremy, who, no surprise, continued to be lame. Now he has an invincibility ring, so his utter lameness cannot be killed. I’m less than excited about this turn of events, though I did have one moment where I thought he had killed his uncle for the ring, therefore making John a vamp. Nope.

Instead, we had a fantastic moment when we thought Jeremy was dead (yay!) with the brief thought that he still have vampy blood in him, so he probably would just vampify (boo), but nope, invincibility ring was in place, so he’s just same ol’, lame ol’ Jeremy.

But that moment was a game changer for Elena. After all, who wants to be friends with someone who tried to kill your brother (I do, if it’s lame ol’ Jeremy). Anyway, she now hates Damon, but I doubt that will last for all that long. Personally, I’m surprised that Stefan is giving him the benefit of the doubt. I know he doesn’t want Katherine to divide them (and she’s doing a fantastic job at it…see below), but I’m surprise he had such a calm reaction to Jeremy’s broken neck.

As for Katherine, we still don’t know why she’s there. She’s not there to kill the boys–she had an opportunity with Stefan, but she decided the stick him through with a metal rod and not a wooden stake. I don’t think that she really came back because she loves Stefan either. Nor do I think she never loved Damon. I think everything she’s saying are just words, words, words to get the boys at each other’s throats. Instead, we have a very troubled Damon on our hands.

In fact, this could be awesome. Damon’s taking a new turn, and I think his darker self–the not the selfish, murderous, fun-but-bored self we’ve seen in the past, but the hopeless, depressed, life-has-no-meaning self that we’re seeing now–could be incredibly interesting, and I really can’t wait to see how people react.

Oh, and as for Caroline? Well, clearly either Katherine has a plan or she just wants to play, but that’s a definitely a game-changer. Poor Matt’s going to be heartbroken (if he knows the difference), but I don’t know how Caroline will handle it. Good or bad? What do you think?


One thought on “Last week on ‘Vampire Diaries’

  1. There is just so much that happened!! I thought it was a great season premiere. I agree with you about Jeremy. He is quite lame. I was shocked when Damon “killed” him though. I felt bad for Elena and for Damon (in a weird sort of way). I’m interested to see how this plays out.
    And Caroline will definitely be interesting next week! Will she be like Vicky or will she be able to somewhat control herself? I imagine her being around for a while (although this show does have a tendency to just kill people suddenly!) so I think she’ll be able to control herself. I feel bad for Matt though. He lost his sister and now Caroline!
    I DVR’d last night’s show and can’t wait to watch it this weekend!

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