Parenthood: Growing up

PARENTHOOD: 2.01 “I Hear You, I See You”

Parenthood is back with a bang, and the Bravermans are braver than ever. Sarah’s demanding her share of the credit for the newest shoe innovation. Joel wants his father-in-law to know he’s more than just a stay-at-home dad. And Haddie wants her mom to know that she’s responsible.

Given that, let’s reflect on the behaviors of some of the Bravermans.

Let’s start with Haddie because, I’m sorry, that car accident really ticked me off. I get it; watching your daughter grow up and drive is scary, but I’m appalled that Kristina did not take any credit for the car accident. I’ve been in a situation like that. When I first started driving, I got nervous and put four gashes in the tire when scraping a curb. But you know what? While I know what I did wrong, my parents also realized the situation and felt that maybe I didn’t know enough yet, maybe I was nervous, maybe I as pressured. Maybe maybe maybe.

But Kristina. I don’t care if she is freaking out that Haddie will be in a horrible accident. She didn’t take any blame at all, even after Haddie bit the bullet and admitted to being wrong. Sorry, that just bugged me.

Now, Joel. Did any of us know that he used to be a contractor? I certainly didn’t. I loved the way he and Zeek interacted. It was great. And the fact that in the end he got respect. Oh, and the discussions between him and Julia on how to explain where babies came from. So funny. Honestly, I enjoyed every moment he was on the screen. I wish the entire episode was about him.

On to Sarah. I liked Sarah’s storyline in the sense that she’s moving forward with her life and career, but the fact that she was whining about her brother stealing her idea bugged me. I mean, she didn’t work there. If she just told the idea to someone, they might not care one way or another about a shoe lojack. But he actually had the opportunity to do it. I’d just be excited to say it was my idea, whether his boss knew it or not. Even just saying it to friends and family. It seemed whiny. Now, if she had an idea now that she has an internship and he took the credit, that’d be entirely different. Then I could see why she’d be mad. But her asking for a desk? That was just cute.

As for Crosby…sigh. I’m sorry, Jasmine bugs the crap out of me. She just seems selfish, and this episode certainly didn’t change that. And I used to find Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabbar cute, but with Jabbar behind a computer screen, the cuteness just didn’t come through. Sorry, all those scened annoyed me more than anything else. That dynamic’s going to have to switch–and fast. I thought Crosby was moving to New York. That would have been more interesting, watching him try to make time for his family, not having Jasmine try to make time for him.

But those are just my thoughts. What were yours?


One thought on “Parenthood: Growing up

  1. You’re spot on with pretty much everything here.
    I also thought Sarah was being whiny. I guess this is just a way to get her a job (well, as I saw in the teaser, also a romance?)

    I LOVE Joel and this episode just amplified it. I also loved his conversation with Julia about having another kid. His “WOAH. How did I get into this conversation? What just happened?” face cracked me up.

    I see Jabbar coming to live with Crosby while Jasmine’s on the road. I’d prefer this since I also find the long-distance scenes boring.

    Lastly, Kristina! Yikes. One of the first times my dad took me driving (with my permit) we went through a drive through and I completely took out their sign. The side of the car was mashed and it was the most mortifying experience of my life at the time, but my dad didn’t make a big deal out of it and took half credit. I’m glad he didn’t flip on me like Kristina did.

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