My Boys: My Finale

Update: Looks like word is officially out. According to The Ausiello Files, My Boys has been canceled. Hey, at least they were sent off with such a fun finale! Keep those fingers crossed the Spiro can go back to NBC!

MY BOYS: 4.09 “My Men”

If last night’s My Boys wasn’t a series finale, it sure felt that way. Don’t get me wrong.  I know the reason. It was one of those finales that if the show doesn’t get picked up, it could serve as a series finale.

But let’s be serious, that was a series finale.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love for My Boys to go on.  Especially since I’m a fan of the actors and while some of them might have gotten other gigs, others were given the shaft because My Boys came first and hadn’t been canceled yet. They should be given their chance.

Oh, and there’s, of course, the fact that I love the show and camaraderie of characters.

But whether the show goes on or not (and sadly, I think we’re facing “or not”), last night, we saw it’s series finale. I mean, think about it. What elements did it have?

  • The show’s icon character retiring his post (Jack Briscoe)
  • A wedding (Mike and Marcia)–and to make it better, it was a surprise
  • The favorite gathering spot closes (Crowley’s)
  • The main character is offered a great change–and then decides she has exactly what she wants (PJ)
  • A new beginning for a main character (Brendan buying the bar)
  • And everyone is left happy in a group shot in their favorite spot

Does this not look like a recipe for a happy ending? An episode that you want to be left with in case the show doesn’t return? It sure looks like that to me.

I tell you, if I don’t get to see PJ and the crew again, I’ll certainly miss them, but at least I got to see such a happy (and funny) episode.

What’d you think? Did this episode have a season or series finale in your book?

If you didn’t get to see the episode, you can check out other My Boys episode on the website and the season finale will be aired again this Friday night at 11:45 pm.

*image courtesy of TBS


3 thoughts on “My Boys: My Finale

  1. It sure did seem like a series finale. It would be kind of cool if it came back next year, though. How would everyone react now that their new favorite hangout spot was owned by a friend? Would they all expect free drinks?

  2. Now that I think about it, even the title seems series finale-ish. I mean, calling an episode of My BOYS “My MEN”? Seems like they’re all grown up.

  3. So i know that i am late to the party, very very very very late. But the previous epsiode and the “series finale” were the first two episodes that i have ever seen of this show. I had no idea that it was a finale of any kind. It just happened to be on and my interest in something else i was doing made me stay on the channel, and the funniness of the first episode made me watch the second. I should go back and watch the series i guess.

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