Hellcats: Bring It On

HELLCATS: 1.01 “A World Full of Strangers”

Ok, so Hellcats. Hellcats has not gotten great press. You can read some nasty tidbits here. I’m not saying that this is the best show you’ll see on television this year (it’s not). But it was fun. My ultimate decision?

If you can suspend your disbelief enough, you just might enjoy it. But you really have to suspend your disbelief.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. The routines were fun. The characters, while cliche, aren’t entirely obnoxious. And man, am I glad that Q from One Tree Hill has continued his acting career in some other series. Sure, it’s basically a TV series of Bring It On–but the fact that they actually had Marti watch the movie to train just makes it funny. A cameo appearance by what you’re going to compare it to? It’s like having Tony Danza and Judith Light show up as Joe’s parents in Melissa & Joey (that would be awesome, by the way).

So surface level, it’s fun. Savannah is completely over the top, so much so that her offer for silk or wooden hangers was genuinely odd and laughable. And you’ve got to give props on how Q (what’s his name in the show? Lewis?) got Marti out of the locker room. While the prank was cliche, the follow-through was great.

Now, if you liked the show, I’d suggest you stop reading now. At this point, well, let’s be honest. It’s not true to life.

Don’t get me wrong. I was never a college cheerleader, though I did room with one. In case you didn’t put that together, that means that at my college at least, there was no “Cheer Town” that required all of the cheer leaders to live together on campus. If there were, the likelihood that the captain would room with the new girl is rather low, and the fact that they suddenly get along is even lower. Add into the fact that there’s a coed locker room, well, let’s just be honest here: that doesn’t happen (except in an episode of Boy Meets World).

As for Marti’s scholarship? Well, another something that’s unlikely. Sure, if her scholarship were dropped, that might be one thing, but the fact that there is still an open scholarship during the school year based on athletics that wasn’t filled? Yeah, right? And who’s to say that just by getting on the squad, Marti would qualify? She has no experience; certainly there are other girls who are better. Let’s be realistic.

And can we please for a moment discuss that horrendous outfit they put Marti in for her auditions? I thought her boobs were going to pop out any second (as I’m sure everyone in the crowd did). Further, the likelihood that she could just get away with going off-book like that is low. I mean, can you imagine the rest of the auditions? Suddenly, all the other girls are trying to put their own spin on the routine. People kicking and bouncing off each other and breaking arms and legs and bruises galore. It’d be chaos.

With all that I had to put aside, I find it strange that this was a TV series. I felt like I was watching a movie. How this will sustain for weeks to come, I don’t know. It’s already falled prey to a number of cliches, so I don’t know where it will go. Plus, if they’re already competing at the end of the first episode? What’s next?

But I must say, having seen many of the Bring It On movies, this is, so far, better than the God-awful second movie. That was just terrible.


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