Conan O’Brien’s new show is called…

That’s right. He announced the name of his new show. Now, I get a little annoyed with this. I mean, yesterday, we had all these posts on all these blogs announcing that he was announcing the name of his new TBS show. That’s kinda like that commercial that advertised the commercial for the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong. I like Conan, and if I had to choose a team, I’d be on Team Coco, but I just hate it when people do that. That’s my own annoyance, though.

What’s it called, you ask? Well, let’s go through some options. Or not. Will it be his name? Will he just go with The Conan O’Brien Show, The Sequel? Maybe something completely different, like, The Uber-Funny Haha TBS Show. Hmmm. Yeah, none of those.

Well, thanks to The Live Feed, we now know–and we have this great video of Conan telling us exactly what it is.

So now, we all know that Conan’s show is called Conan. Or Conow. I guess we’ll find out in November.


3 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien’s new show is called…

  1. That was kind of funny, though the reveal wasn’t that exciting. I am still curious to see how he does this new show. I wonder if he’ll keep the beard.

  2. I agree, the reveal was not that great. That’s why I tried to make it just as lame in this post. 😉 But the video was alright.

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