Drop Dead Diva: What?!

DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.12 “Bad Girls”
DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.13 “Freeze the Day”

I certainly hope you all took some time away from the Emmys to watch the two-hour Drop Dead Diva event. While it started off as any other day in Jane’s world, by the end, I was certainly worked up into a tizzy.

My only complaint? Well, it certainly looks like these two episodes were the only two that we’ll get to see Natasha Henstridge in. I loved her character. I loved what she brought to the team (hint: nothing good), and I would have loved to see her character develop. Almost make us trust her as much as Parker did, and then have us all floored when we found out her dirty dealings. I wish we could have spent a lot more time with her. Plus, the way she worked Kim? Oh wow, I loved it. Two mean girls, one of which, pushing Kim aside. Now that’s a change of pace.

Speaking of Kim, what?! I suppose that’s the first “what?!” of this post. Certainly we’re not seeing the last of her, but the fact that she was fired from the firm was HUGE. I watched this show an whole hour and 41 minutes before I got that “wow” moment. I was enjoying it, but this was the kind of stuff a finale was made for.

What else? Grayson, of course. What?! I knew someone was going to be hit by a car the minute we saw Jane step off the curb. Of course, I thought it would be Jane. But once she kept moving–I thought I was watching Desperate Housewives for a moment there! Grayson’s on the ground. Dead? Unconscious?

And what did he see when he said Deb’s name? Could he see past Jane’s face into who he was looking at?

Will he ever be the same? I can’t imagine the show without Grayson, but what would that really do to Jane?

But the real moment that is haunting me to this moment that I type this is Fred. Ooooh. That was something I wasn’t expecting. We all know that Fred doesn’t want Jane to tell Grayson the truth. That’s against the rules. He’s said it before. But every time he pushes this, it really makes you wonder if he’s really there to help Jane. After all, his look, as he stood in the crowd observing, was haunting. He made no attempt to move or help. He just stood there, like he knew something like this was going to happen.

Even though Jane’s secret was never told.

Wow. Now that’s a cliffhanger. What do you think is in store when the show returns? Is Grayson going to be ok? Is he going to remain engaged? Or did he really see Deb there on the street?

And what does this mean for Jane and Fred? Or Fred and the fans? I don’t look at him the same anymore.


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