Holy crap! iCarly teen star has grownup voice

I watch the Disney Channel. I’ve even moved on to watch some Nick shows. So I know all about the various teen stars hitting the airwaves with all their songs. Sure, I know Hannah Montana, and Miley’s clearly made a name for herself. Selena Gomez is up and coming, and she’s got some decent stuff (though I wonder if some mixing really helps her out). I can’t stand Demi Lovato (sorry) and while Miranda Cosgrove is cute, her music’s just eh. That leaves the girl from Victorious, who yes, has a good voice, but she’s a teenager. She sounds like a teenager.

So when I heard that Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam on iCarly was starting her way into music, I sighed, shook my head, and just resigned myself to another teen star on the air.

But then I listened to the song. Holy crap. This girl’s got a grownup voice. Honestly, I didn’t even think it was her. I thought I was directed to the wrong link (except, of course, her face being all over the video), and then I though that maybe someone else sang and she was just lip syncing. I doubt the latter is true, but damn, she’s good.

Check out her video of “Not That Far Away” below. You might just want to close your eyes, because the video’s really not all that impressive, but the voice may just kick you in the teeth.

Her new EP has just been released digitally, so feel free to check that out as well. I haven’t heard the other songs available, but color me impressed.

Honestly, it’s just nice to know that there really is some talent in all the teen stars muddying up the waters today. Kudos, Jennette!

You can check out more of Jennette through her website and Twitter.


One thought on “Holy crap! iCarly teen star has grownup voice

  1. Funny. I saw this post, Groovesharked the first song of hers I could find and it happened to be this one. She does have a nice voice. Don’t like the song much. I’d like to hear her belt something out.

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