Drop Dead Diva: Send in the clowns

DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.11 “Good Grief”

Good grief is right. How is it that I didn’t even realize that the clown was Barry Watson until the final scene? I love Barry Watson! As a TV reviewer, I’m ashamed of myself.

In other news, it was apparently clown day yesterday. Not only did I catch this Drop Dead Diva, but I totally caught an episode of Scrubs where both JD and the Janitor dresses as clowns…and a rerun of HIMYM where Barney was into magic.

Anyway, it was a pretty sad episode, even if everything worked out in the end. Grayson annoyed me a wee bit. I’m not sure why. I think I like to see Grayson grieving, but I don’t like to hear about it. It pushes the point home a little too much. But the emotional side of it really came from Barry Watson’s clown. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a spouse, but you could see the feelings all over his painted smiling face.

Do you ever wonder, though, if Grayson ever gets weirded out that Jane seems to be so involved in his life? I mean, the fact that she told the client a “friend” lost his girlfriend and this is how he got over it. I mean, they work together, but that closeness isn’t quite there…personally, I would find it a little strange. It was sweet on the surface, but I think I just thought about it too long.

Then there was the reality TV show. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this case on TV before. Or even in real life. But it was intriguing. I personally loved seeing Kim actually passionate about a TV show. It was so unlike her, but it was fun to see that side.

As for her and Parker, well, while Parker might not be thinking about the end, I think the rest of us are. These two don’t look like a match made in heaven, and it just makes me nervous to think about what the fallout will be. I can’t imagine it will go smoothly, and I think some of the episodes this season have shown us hints of that.

As for Fred and Stacy…I so want these two kids together, but it feels so fast to me! Again, I’m nervous. Do we really think they’ll get together so quickly? Should we get nervous (like Jane) about whether Fred will disappear again? Did he really make a deal so that it’s allowed?

I just want them happy. Together and happy. But when a plot moves so smoothly so fast, I really wonder if they’ll be so lucky. What’s going to come up next to keep them apart?

Finally, Jane. Real Jane. The show did it again, making us remember that Jane isn’t really Jane, and this time, it really hurt. It wasn’t really seeing Deb’s side this time and all that she’s missing out on. Instead, it’s Jane. Jane’s gone–the real Jane. Deb’s in her body. She doesn’t get to live out her days in the manner that she wants. Plus, she has to see someone else living her life, changing the woman that she used to be. No one mourned her. No one knows she’s gone. It really is heartbreaking.

I liked the memorial at the end, and I have to give Brooke Elliott some mad props for portraying Deb’s Jane and Real Jane so differently. You could easily see how Deb’s changed the character, and this internal struggle was really interesting. I wonder if we’ll see more, and if we do, what does that mean?


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