Thursday Open Thread: Hey, whatever happened to ________?

Sure, this sounds just like last week’s post. But it’s not. Last week, we discussed the case of the missing actor. This week, we’re doing something a little different–maybe even creative.

Think about characters. Maybe characters that were in a previous season of a show and were evolved out. Or think about shows that ended suddenly, and you were just wondering what happened to someone you loved

Well, whatever happened to _______________?

Here’s my example. We spent three years at Chilton with Rory and her friends, but whatever happened to Louise and Madelaine? Whatever happene to Christopher after he and Lorelai got divorced? And what did Kirk do after we said good-bye to Stars Hollow.

Or maybe you want something more realistic. Like Sabrina Lloyd’s character on Numb3rs. Whatever happened to her?

Some answers you might know because they said in the show and I missed it, but others, maybe you can get creative! Make something up! Who are you wondering about, and where do you think they went? What is the truth to the life behind the character?

Let it out–and have fun!–in the comments.

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Don’t let Paris scare you. You can say whatever you like in the comments! Speaking of, whatever happened to Paris? She didn’t even make it to Rory’s good-bye party…did she?


5 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Hey, whatever happened to ________?

  1. Ive always wondered about them. We saw them a bit during freshman year. I think they ran into them during spring break. I would love to check into the gang from sports night. Casey and dan, daina, Natalie and… her nerd bf that she broke up with but then kissed at the last episode. Also their network was sold off the last episode, what happened there?

  2. I’m happy with Sports Night (as happy as you can be even though I wanted many many more seasons); it did get a fairly good wrap up for a show that was running from the axe from day one.

  3. Whatever happened to Lane’s band after she had the twins? I know there were only a couple episodes left after that, but did the band die? Did they say anything about whether they’d keep going?

  4. It’s taken me a while to think of something worth posting here, but I gotta wonder… what ever happened to all the kids enrolled at UNEC in the series Undeclared? The show had nothing close to a proper season finale, much less a series finale, so there was no feeling of wrapping up anything. And with potentially three more years of school ahead of them, where did Lloyd, Steven, Marshall, Lizzie, Rachel and Ron end up? Who graduated? Who dropped out? The questions go on and on…

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