Drop Dead Diva: Entertaining but forgettable

DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.10 “Will and Grayson”

I feel horribly saddened by what I’m about to say because I love the show Drop Dead Diva. You know I do. But last night’s episode…which I watched at 11:00, so there isn’t that much time between then and now…I’m a little fuzzy on. I liked it, I enjoyed, but I’ve forgotten it.

I’m ashamed.

What does this ultimately mean? Well, I guess it means no one show can slam it out of the park every episode. There wasn’t something in this episode that really made me remember it. I guess I cared little about Grayson’s “battle” with his girlfriend’s ex. In fact, I’ve even forgotten his girlfriend’s name, which is unfortunate, since she’s actually a kinda likable character (as likable as you can be to a Jane/Grayson shipper, anyway). And yay, he won his case, but…what was it about again?

Then there was Jane’s case, and the best part about it was seeing Kim’s reaction to Jane and Teri trying to dress her up trashy. She did end up still looking classy when she was at the bar, though. I would have liked a little more humor in that.

Oh, and the video chat where she was trying to get her client out of the grips of the police. That was good.

Could it be that last night’s episode wasn’t quirky enough for me to keep in my memory? I mean, I’m recalling details of a god-awful Sliders episode from season four that I watched this weekend over what I saw last night. At least that was memorable.

Oh, but Fred and Stacy were cute. I love how awful their video was in the end. I hope Stacy still got paid, but wasn’t it cute when she put her head on his shoulder? I thought so. But now that Stacy knows his true feelings (or at least that he has some), I wonder how long she’s going to take these little flirtations. I don’t want her leading him on with no hope for anything, you know?

I, of course, have hope, but you know what I mean.

Sigh. I wish I could say more about this episode, I really do, but apparently it went in one ear and out the other. Sorry folks. But I enjoyed it, I really did. So there’s the upside. Even if I don’t remember it, at least I enjoy watching week to week.

Maybe some of you out there have your own review. Care to share in the comments?


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