Hannah Montana: Jake, the heartbreak kid

HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER: 4.05 “It’s the End of Jake as We Know It”

If you didn’t know Jake would be out of the picture by the end of the episode, the title of the episode says it all. And honestly, I’m disappointed.

We worked really hard to get these two together. I mean, we’re talking multiple episodes spanning seasons. Miley was finally happy. Sure, he was out of the picture because he was his own star, working on his own things, but I liked that he was still the boyfriend. It seemed right.

Now, I can understand why they’d want him and Miley to break up. After all, it’s Miley’s senior year. What will she be doing if she’s not dating and meeting people? That part is still disappointing, but it make sense. But how they did it? Come on!

We’re not even supposed to like Jake anymore. He didn’t even tell Miley the truth! He just kinda realized she knew. Did he actually apologize? I can’t recall. But overall, having him cheat on her was just uncool, and I wish Miley had a little better than that. Heck, I thought Jake would have a little better than that for his sendoff. What did this actor do to Disney to make them so mad?

Honestly, here’s how I think it should have played out: The two should have broken up because they couldn’t handle the long distance relationship. Honestly, what high schooler can, other than Lily and Oliver? Oliver finds out (who knows how) that Jake is coming to visit Miley for the purpose of breaking up with her, and that’s the big secret that they don’t want to tell Miley. Miley’s so happy to see him that they never get the chance, and then bam, brokenhearted with the breakup, and she discovers that Lily and Oliver knew for two days…but they didn’t want to ruin her special. Now that would have been heartbreaking and sad, and while we might be a little mad at Jake, it wouldn’t be as mean to the character and we could move on.

And for any ‘shippers out there, you’d still have hope that they’d get back together.

There are my thoughts on the matter anyway. What do you think? Will you miss Jake? I actually will.

Now for the things I’m going to ignore: I’m going to ignore that there was no reason behind why Oliver’s drummer would be sending a picture to Oliver of Jake kissing another girl. The only reason I could see is if he was like, wow, I just saw Jake Ryan! Here’s a picture! As opposed to, I know you know Jake’s girlfriend, so wow, which, of course, Oliver wouldn’t, as I don’t think Jake and Miley are public. But who knows, because…

Apparently they were quite happy to have Jake always be seen with Hannah. Did you notice that Miley was always Hannah when she saw Jake? He called her Miley, but she was dressed as Hannah. Here’s hoping no one realized that little quandry in public. Not only would Miley be heartbroken, but she’d be outed as Hannah Montana. How complicated.


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