Masterchef: More of the Same

JC here with a few thoughts on last night’s second episode of Masterchef.

MASTER CHEF: 1.02 “Auditions #2”

I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this second episode of Masterchef, as it was pretty much the same as the first. Granted, this time around we saw more people succeed. There were second chances (the woman who was sent home to get new ingredients and cook again, or the woman who was sent home only to be saved at the last minute when a judge changed his mind), human interest stories (the guy with three fingers, the mom who was incorrectly diagnosed with a terminal disease and who had two special needs kids), and overall, less brutal reality and more uplifting, feel-goodness.

The focus on more successful stories made the episode a bit less interesting than last weeks. Since we saw people succeeding more often, it kind of cheapened their success. Failures were mostly condensed into a short montage, leaving us without any extended gems like the “funeral potato” dish (oozing with butter, oil, and other fat) last week that  Ramsay and the other judges were so appalled and fascinated by.

One other thing… Because there were a lot of people moving on to the next round in this episode, there were also a lot of people whose fate came to rest on the uncertain opinion of one judge or another. Many borderline contestants practically begged the unsure judge to advance them rather than send them packing. I know this is supposed to show a contestant’s dedication and passion for their home cooking, but it came across as pitiful grovelling. It got pretty unseemly after a while, but I know there’s not much that can be done about it, since reality TV is at least partially about making people look like idiots and losers.

Nothing too special happened in this episode. They’ve winnowed down the crowd to 35 now, though, and it looks like next week is knife skills time. Judging by some of the previews, someone will lose a finger, or at least require some stitches.


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