Drop Dead Diva: Jane’s bad day(s)

DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.08 “Queen of Mean”

You know, usually I adore the dance numbers in Drop Dead Diva, but somehow this one fell flat for me. But then again, we got that super awkward dinner party out of it, and that’s something I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

What a hostile girlfriend that guy had! Honestly, I think Fred asked a very reasonable question: Why do they continue to type everything when they could use digital formats? Video or audio? But man, she got up in arms really fast.

To be fair, they did kinda make it clear that they had never noticed her in court before. That’s embarassing. Well, the entire evening was.

Meanwhile, Jane had a horrid client–and one that was quite annoying in her decision-making! I must give major props to my mom who called right away that it was a publicity stunt. I probably wouldn’t have figured that out until Jane said it outloud. But then to call the case back on to save her career all over again. Uggh. I wanted to hit her–and part of me still wondered if she was just using Jane again. Fortunately, she wasn’t.

By the way, I loved the court’s ruling. That was sneaky. If it’s a $1 loss on every book sold, why would they want to publish it? That’s awesome.

What did I think about Grayson and Kim’s case? Well, I knew that Grayson was going to make the compelling closing argument to win the case. That was no surprise. It reminded me a little of the kind of cases we used to see on Ally McBeal, actually. It was nice.

Now, for the end…because really, that was the most intriguing part of the episode. Jane almost told Grayson the truth! And then Fred interrupted, which made me think.

We’ve always seen Fred as Jane’s buddy and confindante. We always forget that he’s on Earth for a reason. He’s got a job. He’s not just Jane’s guardian angel to make sure she’s handling the transition ok. He’s also there to make sure that the secret remains a secret. And that’s what he did here.

It’s almost frustrating, and part of me wanted to change my opinion of Fred. I always thought of him as pro-Jane, but here, it’s definitely the job and upper powers doing the talking. It’s true. If Jane/Deb and Grayson are meant to be together, they’ll be together, but Fred’s not going to allow any more broken rules. Hmmm. I almost wonder if at some point this will become a game of how Jane can tell Grayson without Fred finding out. I doubt it, but wouldn’t it be interesting? And what’s the punishment if she did, in fact, break the rules? There’s a lot we can explore here.

I enjoyed the episode, and I’m sure by next week I will forgive Fred. In the meantime, I’ll just keep remembering that horribly awkward dinner party and be glad I wasn’t there!


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