Hannah Montana: Forever-ish

HANNAH MONTANA: 4.01 “Home Sweet Hannah Montana”
HANNAH MONTANA: 4.02 “Hannah Montana to the Principal’s Office”

First, let’s just take a moment to comment on the new title of the fourth season of Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana Forever. I find this a bit strange, especially since it’s common knowledge that this is the last season of the show. So really, it’s not all that forever as much as it’s the last chapter. So we should really call it Hannah Montana: The Last Chapter. Oh, but have to forget that the movie ever happened because all of that wouldn’t be canon (after all, an entire town in TN knows the truth, and if I recall, Jackson is supposed to be in school in TN–didn’t he already start, too?). So really, it’s Hannah Montana: The Last Chapter Ignoring the Movie. I guess that’s a long title for the fourth season.

As for the show itself, we’re not looking at any surprises. We’ve got your typical storyline–which is what we want to see, right? My only lament is that we got rid of Oliver, leaving a lot more room for Rico to have an appearance. While I enjoyed his traveling choir in the second episode, I much more enjoyed his absence in the first episode.

Jackson’s still a delight, probably more so now because they’re trying to make him seem a little more normal and impressive than disgusting and smelly, but then again, there’s time to get there. And Robby Ray is still the same, especically where his hair is concerned.

Lily and Miley are now roomies, living in a barn. I always find it surprising how TV always gives teenagers the freedom to have rooms they can easily go in and out of easily. We’ve seen Miley sneak out in the past. Do we really want to give her that freedom? And while, yeah, it’s cool to have a whole barn room to yourself, if I were Lily, I’d choose to redo the pink room just so I could have my own space. But that’s just me. Roomies are for college, really.

And isn’t that what we’ve kind-of turned to? I mean, the entire second episode seemed ridiculous to me. They had to register Miley early for school or else she couldn’t register until the second semester? I see how that would work for college, but by all appearances, Miley goes to public school. Can they really banish a student from public school? Further, what kind of principal would allow Hannah, with no transcript, address, background, etc., just join up? Celebrity or not? And why was there no concern that Miley, the real person, would be throwing away her education and chance for college while Hannah was in school (or for that matter, waiting a semester to register for school). It seemed like a stretch long before we got the Obama-impersonator involved.

Which brings me to another peeve. Hannah Montana did meet the President–the President from Corey in the House. If we’re going canon, that’s the President she should have been calling, unless Obama beat him in reelection, which is just for the entire cast of Corey in the House.

I guess what I’m saying about Hannah Montana Forever is that if you’re looking for something that you can’t think about in any possible way, here’s a show for you. But Hannah does have better hair this season, and it looks like we have some more songs, so there is a bright side.


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