Drop Dead Diva: Where are Aly & AJ when you need them?

DROP DEAD DIVA: 2.06 “Begin Again”

Sorry I didn’t write about last week’s episode, folks. I had it on while doing fifty things at home, so it didn’t have my full attention. I didn’t feel it was fair to write about something I half-watched.

But this week’s episode did have my full attention. Perhaps it’s the pop-lover in me (and yes, there’s some shame in that title), but the fact that Jane was representing pop stars really grabbed my attention. But something seemed a little off.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of blonde teenage pop stars that are a sister duo and can also act, I naturally think of Aly & AJ Michalka, who are now called 78Violet. It just seemed like a good match for the show. The two would have gotten their own publicity by being on the show, but also, the show might’ve grabbed more viewers because their fans might’ve tuned in. Heck, they could have even included some of Aly & AJ’s original music! Doesn’t that all add up to great?

I’m not saying that the girls who did play the popstar sisters were bad. They were fine. But it just seemed strange to have unrecognizable guest stars when you could have had the real deal–especially since Aly & AJ have acted before. Who knows? Maybe they were offered the gig and they didn’t want to portray alleged murderers. But in the end, we saw that wasn’t true anyway. Hey, that’s all just my opinion.

The girls were fine enough, even though we barely saw one of them. Do you think you could rat out you sister just to make sure you got less time in jail? I guess when you’re facing a lifetime in jail, eight years doesn’t seem like all that much, but that sure seems like a pretty big heap of years for a crime neither girl committed.

I do lament that any time a celebrity character–not a guesting celebrity, but a character that is a celebrity in the world of Drop Dead Diva–is on the show, it feels a little like Legally Blonde. Unfortunately, this is something the show has run into before. This time, though, instead of hiding lipo or a secret identity, they were hiding the citrus diet. “I know day three!” It just seemed familiar. At least this time it didn’t come down to a perm.

As for the Grayson/Jane dynamic, I’m glad we’re seeing that Jane isn’t over Grayson yet, but I do miss Tony. I think it would work a little better if they were both in their own happy place, but Jane was still looking from afar, only to have Tony realize her heart wouldn’t ever be his. Sure, it would be a bit predictable, but we’d get Tony back in the show, and we wouldn’t have Jane looking so…pathetic? Is pathetic the right word? All this sounds just about the same as when she realized Grayson’s interest in Kim, so it too seems a little familiar.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the episode. I have to say that it’s hard to write about such a good show. In the end, I find myself nitpicking more than anything else. And I think that’s what I have here, just a few nitpicks.


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