Christian Kane: In action (and in song!) this Sunday

Have you been checking out Leverage this season? I hope so. I’m rather worried that it’s moved to Sunday night, but hey, I’ll take Leverage whenever I can get it!

Well, if you haven’t been watching (and even if you have), Sunday’s the night to check it out.

Now, you know Christian Kane sings, right? He had one of his songs played in the first season and a new single come out last year, and this time, we get to hear him sing it. How’d they handle it? Well, here’s a quick description of this Sunday’s episode:

To take down a corrupt record executive, the Leverage crew infiltrates the world of country & western music, inadvertently turning Eliot into a genuine country music star, performing the original song “Thinking of You”, which was co-written by star Christian Kane.

I’ve heard the song, and for someone who isn’t really a country fan, I have to say that I enjoyed it. I really think you will, too.

Now, enough about my thoughts. What does Christian Kane have to say about it? Well, check out a few tidbits from a recent conference call with the man himself.

On Sunday’s music-themed episode:

Well I was – it was – it was a little bit of my idea, but you know (John Rogers), we had talked about doing a music episode, taking down a record company for a certain reason.  And we ended – you know (John) tried to fit it in second season, but it just didn’t work.  We – I’d had some really great success, as well as Angel did, when I sang on Angel in second season, and just you know we developed such a big fan base out of that whole episode for my – for my band.  And so (John) took note of that, and caught wind that, and it was – you know it was (John’s) idea to do it, I think that it was me kind of egging him on, and then, of course, I got the fans involved, and I’ve got the best fans in the world.  So I think he just got tired of listening to them.

So we did it, and you know the song was – the song is a song I wrote a couple of years ago, I tried to put something that was going to be on the album, and that’s coming out now, and is actually coming out in October.  But the single’s coming out – the actual single’s coming out September 1.  And another great thing about that is Tim Hutton directed the music video, and Tim directed you know “Drive” by The Cars, and Don Henley and Neil Young.  So he’s – you know this is old hat for him.

So for my co-worker and one of my best friends to direct my video was an honor, and then those both come out together first week of September.  But I couldn’t find the song on the album that I really wanted to do this, and then I looked at this older song that I had, and I was like oh, this is it.  And so we’ve decided now to put this song on the album.

And the great thing about this song is this song is actually going to be available on iTunes, “Thinking of You”, the night the episode airs.  So after the episode airs, if you like this song, you can go to iTunes and download it.  And so we’re really excited about that.  But it was…it was a little bit of collaboration between me and (John Rogers). Dean’s a fan of the music, so Dean gave it the green light…

On “Thinking of You”:

I [wrote the rhythm and lyrics], me and (Blair Daly) actually ironically, the guy that wrote “The House Rules”, which was my first single, we wrote that together in about 30 minutes.  I had something to say that day.  You know most of my songs are about a girl, if they’re not about a girl, they’re about beer drinking, but this one – this one’s about a girl, and I get a lot of my – a lot of my influences come from love, and more importantly, heartache.

And I had something to say that day, and we really wrote it in like 30 minutes, it just liked poured out on the page.  And so you know he was playing guitar, we were both coming up with some stuff, and I – so yes, I collaborated on it – me and (Blair) collaborated together on music and lyrics.

[Read more after the break!]

On playing country music:

You know I could lie about it and tell you that I’ve been a country fan my whole life, but the fact of the matter is, is mom and dad grew up you know they met in the rodeo, and they had country music blaring out all of – my whole childhood.  So when I – you know when I – when I started – old enough to listen to my own music, I went straight to rock and roll, it’s funny how moving to Los Angeles can move you right back to your roots, and I just – I just went back to country.

Yes, so I did – I grew up with it, and I know it very, very well, but you know was – when Guns and Roses came out, that was my calling card.

On the “many characters” in Leverage:

…[T]he great thing about “Leverage” is, is we just – it never gets stale for us, because it’s – we always get to – we play roles within roles, and so there’s always a new character you get to build, you’re not just hitting monotony or rigor mortis or anything like that, it’s just – it’s a – you know there’s hats we wear on top of our other hats, and it’s just a dream.

As an actor – as an actor, it’s a dream, and as a – and as a –young man to work with Dean Devlin, the guy who blows shit up, that’s one of my – you know it’s a – it’s a – it’s a childhood dream, it really is, it’s been so much fun.

On guest stars:

Oh, it’s just been an amazing year.  I mean we’ve got these – we’ve got these A list people coming in from Hollywood that have – that have – you know that have watched the show, and enjoyed the show, wanted to come on.  I don’t know how we’ve been so fortunate.

We’ve had – we’ve got John Schneider coming in with his – you know he’s in the episode with me Sunday night, and I get to fight John Schneider, I get to fight Bo Duke, my – you know my childhood idol, I get to fight him.  You know we had – I mean we’ve had Richard Chamberlain come in, we’ve had – we’ve had – Bill Engvall came in, actually, Bill Engvall came in and did a – and did an episode a race car show you know NASCAR stuff, and so that was – that was amazing, and he was a fan of the show.

We’ve had unbelievable guest stars this year, and there’s some that I can’t talk about, to be honest with you.  But they’ll – but they’ll be popping up, I mean you know it’s just – for this season, the – more people came out of the woodwork, and it’s just been so great, man, we’ve been very – we get one every week you know and there’s not a lot of shows that get to do that, and so we’ve been so fortunate.

On working in Portland:

There’s things I love about Portland.  You know I could do without the rain all year long, but it’s really – I love the people, I love the food and the wine; there’s some really great wines out here.  You know California better be careful.

And so you know we – it’s a – it’s a really good atmosphere, and it makes it for – it makes it for a – to – you can relax when you get off work, and you show up the next day refreshed, and that’s one of the beautiful things about Portland.  Not only the fact that we go all over the world on this show, but we film out of Portland, and so it allows for so many different backdrops, and so many different cities, and the town’s just been – the city’s been really good to us.

On Eliot–in one word:

I would say – I would have to say vengeance, I think he’s paying – I think he’s paying – I think he’s paying a lot of people back that have wronged him in his life, I really honestly do.  I think – and I think it’s – I think it’s mostly the people that sent him to kill people, I think that this is his – this is his thing, and in a – in a sense of vengeance, I’m saying not vengeance as in you know like going in to kill people I think is the vengeance of doing well, and doing the good fight because he did so much bad for so long.

Want more music?

You’ll have to go get my (EP), the five song (EPs) out on iTunes, Christian Kane.  I did a lot of self promotion with you just now, didn’t I?  I used it.  It’s a – it’s a five-song (EP), and the first single, “House Rules”, is on that, and that’s available on iTunes right now.

Don’t forget to watch Christian Kane and hear his song, “Thinking of You,” on Leverage this Sunday at 9/8c on TNT!

*images courtesy of TNT


4 thoughts on “Christian Kane: In action (and in song!) this Sunday

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  2. So obsessed with this show, and Christian Kane. I downloaded “Thinking of You” just yesterday, actually.

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