Thursday Open Thread: Emmys! Who should win? Who should lose?

I had an entirely different open thread this morning when I turned on my computer. Then, I realized. The Emmy nominations were announced! Check them out here! This leads me to my question…

Who should win an Emmy? Who should lose?

Of course, we can get really ugly with this open thread. Maybe start asking: Who was left off? Who do you want to win an Emmy? Who do you want to lose?

Personally, I’m a little annoyed with the Glee nominations. While I think the songs are great, the plot’s not all that fantastic, so I wouldn’t mind someone else overpowering them with wins. Especially Lea Michele. To me, her character’s pretty flat, so I don’t think it’s Emmy-worthy. I know I might be stepping on some toes here. She’s a talented singer, but she’s basically a shadow of Reese Witherspoon in Election, and I haven’t seen anything new being brought to that stereotype. Perhaps I haven’t watched the show consistently enough to know otherwise.

Modern Family, though, would be a great win–and a deserving one at that. However, when it’s up against premium shows, I do get a little nervous. Though, if anyone deserves an Emmy in that cast who didn’t get a nod, it’s entirely the girls who play Lily. Damn, she’s a cutie.

image from TVOvermind

Of course, I’m kidding about Lily. She’s a cutie, but if she can’t even hold her own statue…


8 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Emmys! Who should win? Who should lose?

  1. I agree that Glee was way over nominated (and I like Lea Michele, but I don’t see the role as award-worthy yet), but the one category I wouldn’t mind seeing it win is Chris Colfer’s Best Supporting Actor nod. I think he’s done a great job as Kurt and it’s nice to see him on the list. Mind you, Neil Patrick Harris is also in that category for HIMYM, and I’d love to see him win it even more. Really, though, as long as Two and a Half freakin’ Men doesn’t take it, I’ll be pleased.

    I’d also like to see Ian McKellan win his category. AMC’s The Prisoner miniseries was ridiculous, but McKellan was the one reason to keep watching.

    In contrast, Michael Gambon, Patrick Stewart, and Judi Dench all gave good performances within good productions. Other than being big name talents I don’t really know why those three were nominated and not some of their equally stellar castmates, but that’s my only quibble. I would pick Stewart to win over Gambon, but I’m biased — and I haven’t seen all of the competition in those categories either.

  2. I am pretty happy with the nominations, though i agree that Glee got too much credit. I do LOVE the supporting category nods for Glee though, Jane Lynch is a sure win. I also liked the supporting nod to Micheals mom on Burn Notice. I would have liked to see a supporting for Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) for Parks and rec as well as Danny Pudi (Abed) or Ken Leong (Senor chang) from Community. I think they all add a lot to their shows beyond the writting. I feel Jim Parsons is in the wrong category and should be in the supporting character cat. I think he would take it if he was there. Also, to be honest, i didnt even know some of these shows were still on the air, such as Antiques road show and Friday Night Lights.

  3. I am psyched about the Modern Family nominations. It is a such a great show and all the actors do an awesome job. Personally I think the actor who plays Manny should have been nominated!

    And I’m really glad Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson, and Terry O’Quinn from Lost all received nominations. They totally deserve it!

  4. “I think he’s done a great job as Kurt and it’s nice to see him on the list. Mind you, Neil Patrick Harris is also in that category for HIMYM”. Frankly, NPH doesn’t deserve it. The character is flat as it has ever been this season. Really, I hope HIMYM ends next season and NPH moves on to better things.

    I’m having a devil of a time choosing between Kurt and Senor Chang. Both are great. For pure hilarity, I think I’ll end up siding with Chang.

    If Glee takes the comedy category over Modern Family, I’ll burst a capillary. I’m a little shocked that Community wasn’t nominated for best comedy. (Nurse Jackie, a comedy? That’s a stretch).

    I’d LOVE Chandler and Britton to win for best actor/actress. Thank god they were finally nominated. They are phenomenal. I haven’t seen Mad Men, and although I love Kyra Sedgwick, I actually think Britton could take the cake. This is the chance to make up for Julianna Marguelies’ win last year. Love her, but she didn’t deserve it – for that role anyway (sigh, Cantabury’s Law). It wasn’t as bad as the Jon Cryer debacle, though.

    I think Beau Bridges has a good chance for his guest spot on “The Closer”, though I’d have nominated Luis Moncada for “The Closer”.

  5. Yeah, I thought you might take issue with the NPH comment, and it’s a fair cop. I’d just rather see it go to someone I like and who I think has earned it (though perhaps not for the season at hand) than to Jon Cryer (again). I understand a Modern Family win in that category would also be a Good Thing — I haven’t been watching the show, so I don’t know those actors.

  6. How I missed that NPH was up for guest star for Glee, I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about that. His character was kinda badly written, but he did a good job, you know?

  7. Speaking of Glee, kinda wish Principal Figgins was nominated for supporting actor in comedy series. Modern family really dominated. All the adults were nominated with the exception of Jay. Ouch.

  8. Also: Disney’s Prep and Landing was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program.

    Modern Family deserves the writing win, although admittedly the Glee pilot was great.

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