Thursday Open Thread: Name your TV musical

A few years ago, there was a good stream of musical episodes. Buffy, Scrubs–just to name two of my favorites. There was a slight renewal in musicals this spring when FOX was hyping Glee, but why not ask for more?

What show would you like to see a musical episode of?

Now, Eli Stone would have been a natural choice, but it’s not on the air anymore (and in some episodes, it was pretty close). But now, if I could choose, I think Drop Dead Diva could pull it off, even if it was a dream. They had some great fun in the season opener, and frankly, Brooke Elliot has a fantastic voice. Even Margaret Cho got to sing. Plus, they’ve got two ex-dancers in the cast, so it’s just adding up to some fun.

What about you? Or would you want to see any at all? I’ll leave you with some fun YouTube clips of some fun TV musical numbers. Not too many, but a couple.

The best part about that video are the cheesy firetrucks that go by when they sing the word, “Burn.”


9 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Name your TV musical

  1. In general, i dont think any show that wasnt built around being a musical like Glee should do any musical episodes. Although i enjoyed the Scrubs musical, it seemed forced and gimicky. I feel that any other show that does a musical would also feel the same.

  2. It’s true. Musical episodes are gimmicky, but when done right, they can be very fun gimmicks. Buffy and Dr Horrible made awesome use of it. Scrubs managed it fairly well, though their in-story reasoning was a bit sketchy. (A tumor? Really?) Of course, there were others that should’ve avoided attempting this entirely. The musical episode of That 70’s Show was painful at best.

    There are a handful of shows I think would be fun to have a musical episode of, but two things are necessary: a cast with the talent to pull it off, and a plausible way to pull off a musical episode without completely disrupting the week to week airing of the show.

    While I can’t think of a current show I’d like to see perform a musical episode, here are a few shows of the past that I believe could’ve done a musical episode justice:

    1) Dollhouse: With Echo, Victor, Sierra, Whiskey, a brain-altered Ballard, Topher’s toys, and quirky millionaires with strange desires, it would seem too easy to write in an episode in which someone with lots of money shows up wanting to rent out a cast for his very own musical. And then Alpha shows up. I can easily imagine Whedon being able to manage that perfect level of humor and seriousness.

    2) NewsRadio: This would be hilarious, and no exposition would be necessary to explain the cause of it, as NewsRadio used to throw in bizarre end-of-season episodes just for fun. (See the NewsRadio-in-the-future and NewsRadio-on-Titanic episodes.) Man, I miss Phil Hartman.

    3) Dinosaurs: Again, the show itself was surreal, so a musical episode wouldn’t have been tough to write in at all. Plus, you know, it’s all puppets and people in animatronic costumes. A musical episode would’ve just fit.

    4) Farscape: Speaking of shows by the Henson Company… I’m not sure how they’d write this in, but I could surely imagine it happening. And it would be hilarious because I just have to believe it would result from the entire cast of characters being inebriated.

  3. Something absurd, like the Sopranos. It could be in one of Tony’s fever dreams. Man, that would be so weird.

  4. Not to say we’re aligned in one mind, CS, but I had thought about Dinosaurs myself. And strangely enough, I could see Farscape pulling it off.

    Now, a show that COULDN’T pull it off but I would completely enjoy? Lost.

  5. I could also see the cast of Leverage doing a musical well, but I’ve got no idea how you would be able to actually work it into an episode.

  6. If we were going with cannon, it’d be entertaining to see the demon from Buffy show up in Angel. Wouldn’t have to be an entire musical episode, but something in Lorne’s bar would have been funny.

    And considering the terrible voices on Angel and Cordelia (I’m talking characters, not sure how the actors are), I think the shorter the better.

  7. A musical episode of Angel could have been hilarious, especially if Angel was only left to uncomfortably sing Barry Manilow songs. Plus, you know, Christian Kane and all…

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