Hulu Plus: No Thanks. I Don’t Want to Be Spoiled.

It’s the debate about Hulu Plus. Here’s Raked’s take.

I’ll be honest. I’m not the biggest fan of Hulu to start with. I find them to be a middleman for online viewing, and I’d much rather go to the network site. At least a network’s site won’t be as choppy. Hulu has always had buffering problems for me.

But with the new Hulu Plus, it is supposedly becoming a viable option for viewing a lot of shows for only a little money, and it’s all at your fingertips.

It’s true. You could ditch your cable and save some bucks by just subscribing to Hulu. You could just watch all your new shows on you computer…or iPhone…or whatever else devices they let you do it.

That’s all good and nice, sure, but it’s not good enough for me. In an age where the internet is the leading source of information, I don’t have time to waste waiting for my newest TV shows to appear on Hulu–especially if I’m paying for it.

I might be one of those exceptions to the rule here (after all, I blog about TV), but first thing in the morning, I like flipping through my favorite blogs to see what’s new. And a lot of that includes thoughts on the previous night’s episodes. How could I blame them? It’s what I do.

Do I really want to pay $9.99 a month to watch my TV shows late? Sure, there’s the bonus of having back series at your fingertips. But as others have argued, you’ve got Netflix for that (and more selection with having both instant and DVD options, I might add). I’d rather have my shows on time.

Imagine if you waited until the next day for a show like Sopranos. Ok, maybe that’s not fair since that show was on HBO, so it probably never landed itself online, but it’s a great example the ripples after a huge episode. That ending would have been spoiled in a heartbeat if you hadn’t watched it live. People were talking about it constantly. Some people still are.

Ok, how about…Lost? Did you watch it live? What if you had waited? Trust me, as someone who shielded herself from any Lost spoilers (I’m just going through the series now), it was pretty darn hard.

But let’s ignore series finales. What about the surprise of Jim’s spontaneous proposal in The Office in season five? For someone who’s a fan, you might not realize what you’re about to see when you click a random website and suddenly you see (in a post or a comment), “Jim proposed to Pam in the rain?! I totally didn’t see that coming!”

Think of mystery shows. Accidentally discovering just before you watched who Alpha was after a season of watching Dollhouse? Knowing who the killer is on your favorite procedural? Finding who died on Heroes? (Trick question. No one ever died on Heroes. But people did always react to the show.)

And it’s not just blogs. Facebook and Twitter are chock full of those nasty little spoilers, especially since so many people are reacting to what they’ve already seen…what you haven’t.

Sure, you could avoid the internet spoilers by just ignoring the internet until you’ve watched those shows on Hulu, but somehow I don’t want to walk on eggshells with my TV series–let alone pay to do it.

So for me, it’s no way, Hulu. I’m going to keep my ten bucks. And my cable.

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4 thoughts on “Hulu Plus: No Thanks. I Don’t Want to Be Spoiled.

  1. You’re right. It would be really hard to avoid spoilers if you were a day behind on everything. You’d basically have to stay off the internet until you caught up, which seems pretty inconvenient.

  2. And I know some people do it first thing in the morning–catch up on their shows, I mean–but for people who have to be at work first thing, it’s not always an option.

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  4. of the 3 views I tend to agree with this one the most. Not because I don’t like the spoilers, but I fear that concentrating my TV viewing to only the shows I watch now via July and Netflix will keep me from stumbling upon great shows I don’t know about. I was not an early adopter of burn notice, still haven’t seen the first episode, but now it’s one of my favorite shows. I stumbled upon it during Saturday reruns. Same goes with a lotof other shows I now watch regularly.without cable and the steady stream of TV it provides, I will have to rely on recommendations and ads for new shows, rather than discover them on my own.

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