Merlin: Morgana finds her cause

KT heard voices in her… chambers.

MERLIN:  2.11 “The Witch’s Quickening”

Consequences:  I see them coming.

Morgana has been a lot more isolated and a lot less “one of the gang” this season, and this week that begins to pay off.  Where magic is concerned, there’s no one in the castle she sees as an ally – largely because of the way Merlin and Gaius shyed away from confiding in her earlier this season.

We’re in serious mode this week, and Morgana is at the heart of everything.  Mordred and new buddy Alvar – one of the countless sorcerers running around Camelot who have grown up hating Uther — talk her into stealing an artifact for them.  Merlin, meanwhile, is able to track exactly what is happening, but finds himself unable to help in any positive way.  By the end of the episode, nearly everyone (and everything) is back where they started — Morgana in the castle, Mordred in hiding, the crystal in the vault — but the emotional changes are huge.

Morgana made an aborted attempt on Uther’s life last season, but I think if she were to try again now, she’d go through with it.  As she has begun to embrace her magic, she has also begun to take Uther’s persecution of other people with magic very personally.  I’ve heard it said that new converts to any doctrine or way of life are often the most fervent defenders of that doctrine.  I think that’s where Morgana is headed, and it puts her directly into conflict with both Uther and Arthur.  And, for that matter, Merlin, who will always stand by Arthur.

In some ways, that allegiance is making Merlin’s life harder than ever, because it puts him in opposition to some magic users who might otherwise be his natural allies.  When Uther persecutes magicians and Merlin hides in plain sight, that’s survival – but if Alvar had the resources to go to war with Uther, then Merlin might start to look like something of a traitor.  I certainly think Mordred sees Merlin that way.

Only two episodes left in the season now, and the preview for next week looks like chaos is coming to Camelot!  I think it’s only a matter of time before Merlin goes back for a better look at that crystal — and before Morgana and the Great Dragon leave Camelot for good.


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