Happy Town: If I had a hammer…

HAPPY TOWN: 1.04 “Slight of Hand”

I’d first like to give a shoutout to that Twitterer who asked Amy Acker if she would have more screen time now that she was kidnapped. I thought that was a strange question, and I thought the answer would, of course, be no. She’s kidnapped. She’s gone. That’s it.

Clearly, this guy was thinking more creatively than I was, because she might just have more screen time after all!

Now, I have to ask, do the masterminds behind this show have a plan at all? I mean, this show is becoming such utter nonsense, and the only think they’re successful at is making sure you don’t trust anyone in the town! I mean, first, there was a murder mystery, but we know who did it now, and he’s not getting punished. Then there was a kidnapping, but hey, she’s back now, too. All because they started looking for the first girl who’s hand appeared on a loaf of bread.

Meanwhile, Chloe/Henley wants her hammer back, which Greggy stole. But hey, he willingly passes it back to her after sex.

I’m sorry, I just really wanted to have faith in a good mystery storyline. Is it that the show thought a general mystery storyline would move too slow for the audience? Is there something in the next few episodes that I’m just missing?

I will say this about last night’s episode, though: It was more interesting than the last one. I very much enjoy any time Sam Neill is on screen, and his riddles are actually kinda fun. If only I knew how he had this information and why riddles were really the way to go with telling the cops about it. Is riddles even the right word?

There was also some great angst as they went through various homes and crime scenes trying to find clues. Why they felt that night would be the best time to return to the scene of the first disappearance, I’m really not sure, but hey, there was some definite tension.

Overall, I did start to question my faith in a lot more of the characters in this episode. Clearly, the mayor has something up her sleeve, and we finally know that Chloe/Henley is in it for the money, though I guess we just have to find out more about her connection with the Sheriff.  I’m really starting to not trust anyone on the police force, though I desperately want to trust the detective who might just blow the entire murder case that Tommy has spent so much time covering up for Big Dave.

But the show still needs work, and I even hear that we might just know who the Magic Man is by episode eight. What route are the writers taking to Happy Town because it’s certainly not any way I’ve seen before.


3 thoughts on “Happy Town: If I had a hammer…

  1. Why do you keep watching this show if you don’t like it? You’re 4 episodes in and none have impressed you, so why do you stick around? Go watch somethingelse!

    Hating a tv show is like hating a blade of grass or one snowflake…there’s a gazillion others to choose from so why focus on the things that don’t bring you joy? Life too short…

  2. Haha, that’s a great question. I think I continue to have hope for the series. And since I know it’s going to be an abbreviated series (eight episodes total, I think), I just want to see where it’s going to go and figure eight episodes isn’t that much time to invest. Plus, based on the most recent episode (which I haven’t written about yet, sigh), it seems to be improving. Ultimately, part of me does want to see who the Magic Man is, even if I don’t like how they’re getting there.

    But I watch a lot of bad and good TV shows, just because I have the head of a TV reviewer. It’s a bit masochistic sometimes, but I do try to find the good and the bad of a series. I always like to hear what other people say about the show, too, so if I post negatively, I like to hear if people disagree with me. That’s always interesting. Do you like the show?

    I do have lines I don’t cross, though. I’ll never go back and watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager, for example. That’s a show I really do hate.

  3. If I don’t like a show I just don’t watch it. When LOST first came on I tried to watch but once I saw that smoke-monster abduct someone, after it went to commercial I never went back. In an age when you can watch, read or listen to anything you want, anywhere, anytime, it facsinates me that people waste time on things they don’t like.

    “Do you like the show?”

    I love it. It’s by no means perfect but if I waited for a serialized scripted tv show with great dialogue, wonderful plot structure and terrific character development I’d never watch tv, LOL!

    I figure hey it’s a summer show, it’s interesting and along with Persons Unknown, it’s a hell of a lot better than watching stupid reality tv, yuck!

    “I do have lines I don’t cross, though. I’ll never go back and watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager, for example. That’s a show I really do hate.”

    Yeah, I hear ya there,:).

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