Thursday Open Thread: Sheldon or Abed?

CBS announced its new fall schedule yesterday, and it sent the TV world all a twitter. CBS moved one of its biggest comedies–The Big Bang Theory–to Thursday night. The show will now be against one of my favorite shows (and one that’s growing across the TV landscape as one of the best comedies currently on TV), Community.

So here’s my question:

Are you on Team Sheldon or Team Abed?

It seems like an unusual question to ask, but read this blurb from one of the articles analyzing the change:

(The move, by the way, puts “BBT” directly opposite NBC’s “Community,” in a battle for comedy supremacy among TV’s two most Asperger-like characters who have yet to be diagnosed as having Asperger’s. I’m sure Sheldon and “BBT” will win that fight handily, but I am and will remain an Abed man.)

And if you’re wondering, so am I! If I had to choose, I’d choose Abed and the Community team all the way for my entertainment pleasure. But what about you? Do you have a preference? Are you going to toss some wonderful characters aside? Would you even choose at all and just do some awesome channel-flipping in commercial breaks?

Then again, maybe we’re just talking characters. Maybe if these guys were your buddies and not TV characters, you answer might be different. Maybe some of you would choose one for one thing, the other for something else. After all, I think Abed would certainly be my Mobile Shoutout on Cash Cab if a movie question came along, but if it were science related? Well, get me Sheldon.

So what do you think? Who would you choose–and for what? Let me know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Sheldon or Abed?

  1. Abed. He’s far more charming, and a little more believable than Sheldon. Community has also been a much more consistently funny show than Big Bang lately, which frankly, is close to losing me.

  2. Thats a tough one. Although i think Community will win the fight as it has a better overall cast and more original story lines as of late, Sheldon really is the bigger and better character. Really, BBT is the Sheldon show and its success is mainly due to that character and Jim Parsons ability to portray the self centered, socially akward, super genius. I love that show because the characters love all the stuff i love, and in part it reminds me of what i could become if i ddint have a gf and stepped over the line into super geek. And thats also a big reason why community might come out on top. Less people can identify with the super geek, where as community has a Breakfast club of characters to identify with. Ahbed would be the super geek (TV and movies being his thing), but you also have the jock, the hipster activist, the mom, the weird old guy, the innocent sheltered one, and the cool guy. So, Community wins, but im team Sheldon.

  3. Abed is more likeable than Sheldon. Although Sheldon may be smarter. Community is good and is starting to look more fresh and entertaining than Big Bang. Sorry Sheldon, but it’s Abed for me.

  4. Abed is better in my opinion, but he also has a better surrounding cast…so less pressure on his comedy to carry the show. Whereas if you drop Sheldon from BBT, that show would be quite bland

  5. TBBT used to be a very good show (would have been great if not for the obnoxious laugh track) but it’s long past its prime. Really, everything past the 3rd season just feels forced. Community, on the other hand, keeps getting better and better (with a few minor exceptions). And, more to the point, maybe Abed vs. Sheldon was more of a contest back in 2009-10, but currently I’d have to say Abed wins hands-down.

  6. Easily Abed, the thing I like about both of these shows is there constant references while sustaining humour recently TBBT has been lacking both of these and community has been doing it far more often. I especially loved the stop motion christmas special

  7. Ofcourse Abed b/c he’s not as boastful and doesn’t think he’s always correct and in certain episodes he’s quite cute

  8. Pop Pop!
    Abed, of course. In real life Sheldon would have no friend, not to mention that is hard to belive that somone with 187 IQ will act like an 8 year old.

  9. Abed; he (and Community) for that matter are actual funny and likable-the complete antithesis of Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. (Plus, Sheldon’s pretty much just an unlikable jerk to everyone including those who are SUPPOSED to be his friends.)

    I have Asperger’s and I may not always be the nicest guy around, but I don’t think I’ve ever been THAT big of a jerk to anyone…

    Plus, I could actually latch on and relate to Abed’s character on multiple levels.

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