Vampire Diaries: The first finale

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.22 “Founder’s Day”

You’ve got to give it up for The Vampire Diaries. They were successful at one thing last night: the misdirect.

Perhaps I’m just a moron, but in the flurry of activity in the last few episodes–Isabelle being in town, Uncle John causing a ruckus, Anna and Jeremy, the tomb vampires, Bonnie’s new role in the series–I completely forgot about Katherine. In all that, Katherine was stuck on the back burner, so when she suddenly appeared in the last scene, I was honestly shocked.

I certainly didn’t trust Elena and John next to those knives in the kitchen, but for some reason, I almost saw Elena cutting off John’s ring. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be Katherine, or that all of his fingers would come off, or that she would continue to stab him. Whether he’s dead or not, I guess we’ll have to see. I’m guessing yes, but perhaps that’s just because I’m skeptical that they’ll keep someone like David Anders in the series for much longer. Somehow I see him as the traveling Mystic Man, who will appear in some other supernatural series next.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s dying upstairs. I think Damon was trying to make Jeremy realize that even as a vampire, life would suck, so it’s not as great as they make it out to be, but that clearly didn’t get through. It’s interesting that he was able to make himself a vamp, and I’m really curious to see what that means for next season. This is all in case someone doesn’t rush upstairs and see him, take him to the hospital, and save him, but with Elena headed toward the kitchen to find whatever remains of John Gilbert, I doubt we’ll get that end. But then again, I guess we won’t know until next season.

Meanwhile, I have to give mad props to Ian Somerhalder, who I really just enjoyed in this episode. I was skeptical that Damon had identifiable love for Elena in the past. It might’ve been deep under the surface and just bubbling as a like, a friendship, something of that sort. Sure, it bugged me a little last week that as soon as someone said it outloud, it suddenly became true, but it’s adding a great complexity that I certainly wasn’t expecting. I enjoyed his taunting of Stefan (honestly, Stefan was just a bore in this finale), but seeing his expression as he talked to Jeremy, it was clear that Damon was feeling again. Perhaps just hearing the truth didn’t let him use his vampire sense and suppress them anymore.

And man, the scene on the porch. If I were Elena/Katherine/whoever, I wouldn’t have resisted either. But do we think Damon knew who we was kissing in the end? He certainly had a peculiar look on his face as he walked away. Whether it was because he was interrupted or because he recognized the kiss as Katherine’s, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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We’ve got Bonnie, Anna, Tyler, and Caroline to go!]

I will say, poor Anna. I was finally beginning to like her. I was wondering why John decided to kill his double agent, but then I just figured that was the way he was. There is no distinguishing line between vamps (so if Jeremy’s a vamp and John’s alive next season, we’ll have some interesting situations), and he made that known. But it certainly made it clear that Anna’s being brought into the firey basement was no mistake.

As for the basement, was anyone else expecting a few more vamps to be down there? That couldn’t have been all of the ones from the tomb, right?

And then there was Tyler’s dad, the mayor. Poor guy. Having read the books, I know what’s going on with Tyler and his father, but I’m curious what you all think if you don’t know. My biggest question is whether Tyler’s father knew why he reacted to the device. He seemed less startled to be down there (more startled that Damon was), and I’m quite disappointed to see that Tyler’s father bit it in the long run (who will be mayor now?). I guess this might be a mystery we won’t know any time soon.

Tyler, on the other hand, seems rather clueless to what’s going on with him. I’m excited to see how this develops.

As for Caroline…honestly, this just seemed strange to add on to such a powerful episode. A car accident and internal bleeding? I certainly don’t think they’ll be doing anything major with her character (say, killing her off or disfiguring her), but maybe they’ll surprise us. I certainly don’t want them to. Either way, I’m not as focused on this part of the story.

Finally, Bonnie. One of my favorite characters. I love her interaction with Damon; she seemed so shocked to see a softer side of him, let alone an apologetic one. But man, she’s one powerful witch! Her threat to Stefan was a real one, and I really wonder what’s in store for Bonnie’s relationship with the Salvatores. The one thing that frightens me is that it appears Damon has turned a new leaf. If blood is spilled but not by Damon, will Bonnie give the benefit of the doubt?

And with a possible new vamp transitioning upstairs in Elena’s house, there’s certainly a chance for more blood in Mystic Falls.


3 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: The first finale

  1. I love this episode, I really feel bad for Anna she was kinda bad at first but then she was so nice and then she’s killed by John that was so unexpected…Expecially poor Jermey I mean they like loved each other..Haha The end really got me thinking what will happen next I kept imaging different things..and how does Katherine know about Elena..I was gonna cry because I was upset that the season ended so suspensfully. That’s what I do! And, also they are related but Isobel was Elena’s mother and she was still hostile to her..but maybe Katherine will be nice to Elena or maybe she wont? We’ll see! I can’t wait for Season 2 Nina Dobrev said they haven’t come up with a date yet but it is possibly in September when school starts! I can’t wait!

  2. Great episode!, Damon was amazing he stole the hole episode from Stephan so easily. My favorite parts, Damon telling the mayor that he was a vampire “what’s your excuse”, The scene with Ana in pain with Jeremy, Damon and Elena/Katherine kiss, I really believe that Damon knew it was Katherine after they kissed, and of course, John getting his fingers cut off was an awesome part, he immediately says Katherine’s name and there she is, Katherine. I must say, after all Damon said to Katherine at the porch, I think Katherine will hate Elena, she’s taking away the love of Damon and Stephan, and even if Katherine didn’t care about them all this years, she won’t be happy knowing they have a new object of affection.

  3. What an awesome episode! I was so suprised with the ending! It was great! I totally agree. Damon stole the show! He was great. I’m sad that Ana died. I really liked her! And now I feel bad for Jeremy. I wonder what will happen with him…And I wonder if Uncle John will die! Part of me would like to see him live, especially if Jeremy turns into a vampire.

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