Glee: More curves than a Nissan ad

KT is like Tinkerbell, guys.  I need applause to live.  Or maybe comments.

GLEE:  1.18 “Laryngitis”

Hmm, that was better.  We got to focus on characters who don’t always get a lot to do, and the music was more organically worked into the story.  Not flawless, but better.  I liked it.

Starting with the episode title, Rachel had the most selective case of laryngitis I’ve ever heard of.  Maybe she was born with one larynx for singing and one for speaking, and only the singing one got sick.  Too bad, too.  (Sorry, Rachel.)  While it was vaguely funny for her to berate her teammates for slacking off, then turn in a hoarse, off-pitch performance herself, I think they missed an opportunity for some fun with impromptu sign language (perhaps a la Buffy’s “Hush”).

While Rachel is sort-of sick, Finn is extremely sweet to her, even going with her to the doctor (which, frankly, is also weird, but whatever).  And what did I say about “Jesse’s Girl,” eh?  (Kinda makes me wonder if the character got that name just so the song would work.)  I’m sure they autotuned the heck out of that one, but it did work really well for Finn’s voice.

Meanwhile, Mercedes spends the episode being all kinds of awesome.  Cheerio membership has given her instant popularity — enough that Puck, temporarily sans mohawk — wants to raise his social status by dating her.  So that’s kind of awesome.  But it gets even better toward the end as she cheerfully announces to Sue that she’s quitting Cheerios, and then begins what might prove to be the rehabilitation of Puckerman.  (Which, by the way, is definitely a pairing I didn’t see coming.  I don’t find Puck’s bad boy vibe attractive, so I’m on the fence about his dating my fabulous Mercedes.  I definitely enjoyed their “The Lady Is a Tramp,” though.)

On the flip side, Kurt spends the episode being confused.  He’s still working through the idea of his dad bonding with Finn, and still bothered by the similarities that those two share and he does not.  In fact, it bothers him so much, that even he — usually so sure of himself and his identity — even he toys with making himself over into the kind of son his dad once expected him to be.  Kurt doing Mellencamp is kind of funny in itself — and his voice is one of my favorites in the cast, whatever he’s singing — but it’s his Broadway number later in the episode that he really knocks out of the park.  Kurt is fabulous, too, and so is his dad.

Which brings to mind this:  I’m glad Mercedes quit Cheerios (and wouldn’t mind if Kurt did the same).  Both characters have such a unique and vivid sense of style, the show as a whole is really less visually interesting when they’re both stuck in cheerleading outfits.

The other Glee Club cheerleaders are in good form, too.  In addition to her unique brand of blonde humor, Brittany has also been developing into the sweet, friendly school slut, while Santana has slipped comfortably into Quinn’s role as the school’s queen bee.  Her sing-off with Mercedes is the closest thing Santana’s gotten to a solo, and as you’d expect, the girl has some pipes.

For her part, Quinn gets another scene being sweet and motherly to Mercedes.  An unlikely friendship, but an interesting one, and — like this upswing in the quality of the show — I hope it continues.

P.S.  Doesn’t Miley Cyrus seem out of character for Rachel?  She doesn’t seem the type for Disney pop — but what do you think?


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