Glee: We’re about as menacing as Muppet Babies

KT is still waiting for Sue to figure out the difference between slander and libel.

GLEE:  1.17  “Bad Reputation”

Not to start at the end or anything, but don’t you think that the three guys were being awfully drama queen-y about Rachel’s video?  And what a weird song to choose to try to make guys jealous with.  Meh to that plot line.  Rachel and Jesse will patch things up next week, I imagine, and sooner or later Finn or Puck or both together will probably give us a rendition of “Jesse’s Girl.”  Don’t you think?

And after Quinn’s sweetness last week, this week she was much more like the person she was earlier in the season.  Felt a bit odd to have those two back to back.

More amusing to me were the antics of Kurt and company — stealing Sue’s video and posting it online, and plotting to cause mayhem in the library.  The group dynamics were fun, both in the scene where Finn talks the others into posting the video and in the scene around the piano where Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Artie accept Brittany into their group.

Hey, you know what would be kind of funny?  If Brittany’s been playing dumb the whole time and turns out to be the valedictorian when she graduates.

But this week she brings the funny in her usual manner, by providing some of the best lines in the episode — and by dancing in the library in parachute pants with Artie and the others.

Meanwhile, reputations are wobbling even in grown-up land.  The spread of Sue’s video makes her the laughingstock of the teachers’ lounge — but Sue always has remedies for feeling blue.  For one, she goes to visit her sister, which is always sweet (and I liked it much better here, where it’s just part of who Sue is, than in “Wheels,” where we were getting hit over the head with the “disabled people are people too” stick).  But Sue also feels better as soon as she knows that she can make someone else feel even worse.  And we all know who her favorite target is.

Although I don’t like the way Sue treats Emma, I think the confrontation she goaded Emma into was a good thing.  Even though (as far as we know) Will’s night with April was entirely platonic, it does feel as though he’s been romancing a lot of ladies recently.  It’s probably good that Emma and Will don’t rush into things, and it’s definitely good that Emma has gotten Will off the pedestal she’d put him on.

Sue’s big fix, though, is an invitation to remake the “Physical” music video with Olivia Newton John herself — and that phone call was one of the best parts of the episode.  As for the video itself, though, I think a brief excerpt of it would have been more effective.  I mean, we just had the “Vogue” video two weeks ago, and when they released the video a week early, I didn’t expect that they’d put the whole thing in the episode as well.  Starts to feel like padding.

Final question:  At the beginning, Will was trying to make a point about rehabilitating bad songs — finding something good about them and bringing that out.  Did you think that any of this week’s songs were successfully rehabilitated?


5 thoughts on “Glee: We’re about as menacing as Muppet Babies

  1. can’t speak to the songs (I love Eclipse – straight or literal video version) but I go lost when Who Leaked the Vid turned into Who created the Glist?

  2. I agree, the setup for the Glist wasn’t done very well — kinda felt like I’d missed a scene, even though I hadn’t. Will’s montage of grilling the kids was amusing, though, especially when Kurt called him on watching too much Law and Order.

    The literal video for “Eclipse” is awesome and I love it. Less of a fan when the song gets stuck in my head for days on end though, haha.

  3. I’ve loved the song since… I thought it was 85 but it might have been 84 (I stopped listening to Top 40 so I only heard it when I went away with my friend and she had the radio on and I can’t remember whether it was Tucson or Vail. and yes I know I could look it up)
    Already my brain has Law and Order confused with last night’s rerun of Big Bang theory and the t-shirt that played sound files!.
    And yeah, Quinn was nicer last week. I forget. Where is she living now?

  4. I’ve been wondering about Quinn’s living arrangements, too. I kind of assume that Quinn went back to her parents after Finn got so mad when he found out the baby isn’t actually his. But that’s just a guess. I’m pretty sure the show hasn’t told us.

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