Vampire Diaries: No good, very bad (and bloody) day

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.19 “Miss Mystic Falls”

Now this was the blood-lusting episode I was waiting for. Stefan, struggling more than ever, with his need for human blood–and becoming a not-so-good guy in the process. How Elena didn’t see this shift, I don’t know, but I have to say, Elena stepped up in the end, and that was definitely something worth waiting for.

Next week should be a doozy. But let’s just hope it doesn’t come across too much like Buffy‘s “Amends,” when Angel tries to kill himself. The teaser tends to make us think that might be in the works.

Speaking of Buffy, as much as I like Paul Wesley as Stefan, I feel like he took a few lessons from David Boreanaz’s Angel in this episode. The “tortured soul” Stefan, when deciding whether to drink the girl, just seemed to echo something I’d seen before. I was hoping for a different take, but hey, you take what you can get, right?

Anyway, somehow I doubt Stefan’s victim is going to be anything but ok, but I must say that we had a moment where Stefan tells her to run and lets her go, only to chase her himself and try again. That was so great. But she sure had a lot of blood loss, so if anything, she deserves to go to the hospital for a transfusion. Oh, but wait, Stefan stole all the blood…

Meanwhile, BONNIE’S BACK! Yes! I was so thrilled to see her, and she sure ain’t happy to be back. I don’t know why I was assuming she’d be the same old Bonnie when she came back, maybe just a little sadder. She’s back and she’s mad. Of course, this all causes a big strain on her and Elena. Let alone her and Stefan…

…WHO SHE TOTALLY TOOK OUT. I’m thrilled with Bonnie’s new powers. She’s certainly not taking any chances with the vamps in Mystic Falls, which could cause some major friction in the future. Friend or foe? I guess we’ll find out. I’d love to see her as a villain at some point.

Meanwhile, we had the founder’s ball. I have to say, as annoying as she was at the beginning of the series, I just love Caroline now. I love her insecurities and her cute romance with Matt (who was unfortunately absent). And I love that she won. Seriously, she deserved it.

Plus, this gave us that nice dance opportunity between Damon and Elena, for all you ‘shippers out there. Crap, I might just be one of those. Anyway, I love Damon’s weakness for Elena. For some reason, he just can’t resist helping her out, even sitting in a hallway waiting for Stefan to get better so she won’t be by herself.

Finally, the question of Pearl. What was the invention, and will Damon give it to John? And will John kill Pearl? Or Anna? I think John is certainly someone to watch, and there might be a corpse in the future somewhere. Whether human or vamp, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: No good, very bad (and bloody) day

  1. This was the episode I wanted too! It was interesting to see how much Stefan struggled with it and how he hid it from Elena. I was nervous there for a minute when he told her to run. I thought she might get away and tell someone that Stefan is a vampire! I’m glad that didn’t happen. I wonder what will happen to the girl now. And I wonder what will happen to Stefan next week. I was so surprised with what Elena did at the end of the episode, but I’m glad she did it.

    And I also expected Bonnie to be back to her old self, but she clearly wasn’t and that does make sense. I want her and Elena to get along though! They were so close before so it’s sad to see it take this turn, although understandable. And I was glad she stepped in and did whatever she did to Stefan. That was awesome!
    I was honestly routing for Caroline to win! So glad she did. She definitely deserved it. I felt bad that Matt wasn’t there. Hopefully he’s on the show next week. I enjoy their scenes together.

    And I am loving Damon more and more!! He does have a weakness for Elena and I’m curious to see where it goes. Especially if Katherine ever comes back into the picture.

    I have no clue what the invention is and I doubt Damon will give it to John, who I don’t like at all. Does he suspect that Anna is a vampire since he knows Pearl is? It makes me feel bad for Jeremy in case John does anything. I just want Jeremy to be happy!

    I’d like to see more of Alaric. He knows that John knows about his wife, right? If so, then you would think he’d be trying to find out more from John…

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