Vampire Diaries: Not dead yet.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.15 “A Few Good Men”

This episode was a little…slower than I thought it’d be. With all that happened last time around, I certainly thought we’d be seeing a heck of a lot more of Anna and Claire, the escapee vampire, and Bonnie’s reaction to her grandmother’s death.

And while we did see Anna and Claire in the end (very ominous) and the escapee vampire (he seems so nice for someone so evil), we had no Bonnie at all. Instead, it was all about Elena and her mother.

At this point, I think we should just assume that anyone we think is dead is, in fact, not, and anyone you expect to stay alive will be dead soon…kinda.

I was enthralled by Damon and Alaric’s interaction. It was fantastic. I loved the fight (if you could call it that since Alaric didn’t even scratch Damon) interspersed with Damon’s honest but cruel description of why Isobel came to him to be turned. You know, as much as I didn’t care about Elena’s birth mother, it did become interesting the more we discovered about it. I really want to see how it all turns out–at least why she became something she hated–before I decide if I ultimately like the Isobel storyline or not, but my interest has certainly been piqued.

Do we want to meet her? Well, she’s clearly not a vampire with good intentions. I knew that messenger would kill himself in some way, and the stepping in front of the passing truck was fantastic (very Fringe). I apologize. That sounded very morbid.

But why does she want to keep her away? What’s the purpose? And you’d think that in order to keep her away she’d do a better job. Why not just disappear into the background and be invisible? Why send messengers to tell her to stay away–that will just make her want to see her more?

I did just think of one thing: I guess since she’s the mother of Elena and gave her up, that means Elena’s brother Jeremy is not her brother. I’m curious to see how that goes over when he finds out.

As for Matt and Caroline’s storyline, I just chuckle when I think of them. They’re like the teenage storyline in an action thriller. I mean, they don’t quite fit anymore. But they’re adorable, so I like the breaks and glimpses into their relationship. As for the casting of Matt’s mother, well, that was just an epic fail. I mean, she looked my two years older than him. Why can’t television just cast mothers who look like mothers?


But we’re saving the best for last here. What is up with Alaric’s invincibility ring? Clearly Isobel knows a lot, and if this turns out to be anything like Buffy‘s “Harsh Light of Day” and Angel‘s “In the Dark” with the Ring of Amara, any vampire in a 20 mile radius is going to want to get their hands on it because they can’t be killed. Whether that’s true in Mystic Falls, we’ll just have to see.

I have to say that I’m disappointed. I enjoyed Alaric’s death scene and even I was sitting on the couch with my jaw dropped open in a cod-face in shock. If only they could have ended the episode there. Wouldn’t we have been surprised next week?

One last question: How was it that the escapee vampire could wander around during the day? Did anyone see a ring or talismen?


1 thought on “Vampire Diaries: Not dead yet.

  1. I agree. This episode was not as exciting as the previous one, although some interesting things did happen. My jaw dropped as well when Alaric was killed. I was upset too, so I’m glad he came back. Very curious about this ring though…
    I wasn’t really into the whole Elena’s mother storyline, but now I am. I wonder what Alaric will do now that he knows what happened to her. Will he go searching for her as well?
    As for Matt and Caroline, I completely agree with you, although I think they are cute to watch. I felt bad for Caroline with the way Matt’s mother was acting towards her.
    And one more thing…I believe I did see a ring on the escappe vampire when he killed that guy in the woods.

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