Hannah Montana: Will Miley leave Malibu?

HANNAH MONTANA: 3.30 “Miley Says Goodbye? Part I”
HANNAH MONTANA: 3.31 “Miley Says Goodbye? Part II”

I’ve got a secret. I’ve already seen the second part of the Hannah Montana season three finale cliffhanger. I know whether Miley says goodbye.

Ok, it’s not that big of a secret. You, too, can see the second half before the episode airs this Sunday night. Disney sneakily released parts one and two as part of a DVD of episodes, so if you’re anxious to find out what happens, there’s your chance.

So here’s a bit of a sneak peak at the episode, so obviously, if you don’t want any teasers, no matter how vague they are, I’d suggest you stop reading now.

The first half of the episode was, well, a bit fluffy. I mean, based on the commercials, you were really expecting some major angst on behalf of Miley, Lily, and Oliver. But really, it was Miley versus horse.

Have you ever wondered why horses kick? I bet they’re just angry that any time they’re depicted with human voices, it’s always a weird, distorted, funny one. I bet horses talk normal. But that’s an aside.

I thought it strange that all of a sudden Miley wanted her horse home. I mean, did we really know she had a horse? Has she mentioned the horse before? It just seemed out of the blue. And when I saw the commercials, I thought it was silly, too, that she’d bring it to Malibu. That certainly wouldn’t work.

I didn’t expect the horse to follow her around, though, which was mildly entertaining. The dream morph, though? That was a little over the top. But hey, it moved plot, leading to the cliffhanging statement: “I want to move to Tennessee.”

image from shineon-media.com

[Part II–and possible spoilers–after the jump!]

And here comes the angst.

Now, please tell me: Is Miley still Hannah Montana? I’ve missed a few episodes, but I’m pretty sure she still is. However, in this entire episode where Miley lamented whether she should move, there was no mention of what Hannah would do with a move to Tennessee. It seems like any decision of this importance could really be big for Hannah.

But instead of focusing on Hannah, we focused on Lily. Poor Lily. Poor deserted Lily. Her mother has moved, and now her best friend (who she lives with) might. More so, her boyfriend Oliver has the chance to go on the road to open for a band for six months.

Let’s stick on Oliver for a second. Honestly, if I were Lily, I’d be remarkably angry at him. Not only was he leaving, but he just seemed to leave her out of the decision! I mean, they’re not adults in any case, but if I just heard my boyfriend made this big decision without me, I’d be more than a little hurt. Lily’s clearly more understanding than me.

Which is why there’s so much angst. Everyone’s sad, and Miley just doesn’t know what to do. There’s no discussion of how this would impact her final year in high school. There’s nothing realistic here. In fact, for all purposes, it’s really Miley’s decision. Her father will go along with whatever she says…though, by the end we find out why.

I won’t tell you what’s decided, but I will say that there are definite changes in store for Miley’s family, Lily, and Oliver. Will they stay or will they go? I guess you’ll have to see to find out.


One thought on “Hannah Montana: Will Miley leave Malibu?

  1. Hey, I love Hannah Montana. I am a BIG fan of Hannah Montana. She is cute and I even have a fan site for her! Well, this is the first time I am visiting your site. It’s cool. Please post more on Hannah Montana. I like it 🙂

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