Take a chance on ‘Fringe’

Contrary to popular belief about TV shows these days, it looks like networks might just be stepping out of their comfort zones and banking on the little guys.

This weekend, it was announced that FOX picked up the paranormal series Fringe for a third season. If I may say so myself, thank God. Not only do I get concerned with people like Joshua Jackson are out of work, but this show is one of the few creative shows left on air–and while, sure, it might have some X-File ancestors, it certainly has taken its own road to mysteries and story arcs.

I have to admit, I’ve been a bad Fringer, since I desperately need to catch up on this season. The Thursday time slot has really made it impossible to watch–as I’m sure many agree. In fact, that’s probably why the ratings went down so low and made this one a bubble show.

But now I know that any time invested in catchup will be worth it, knowing it’s back next season. Let’s just hope it gets back to a better night.

Another underdog keeping his doghouse? Community! Thank God for small favors. Community also got a pickup, and we’ve got this entertaining moment to take from it. Basically, Dan Harmon taped his cast when he told them the news. Check out the video below and read the entire post here.

So looks like next year’s TV might not be a waste after all.


2 thoughts on “Take a chance on ‘Fringe’

  1. we just started fringing it on netflix and really like the show. we have about 6 eps left in season one! yay!

  2. when they moved Fringe to Thursday I made the decision to drop the Office and Greys Anatomy from my watching list. We don’t have a PVR so I’m old school like that. I went with Fringe because I knew I’d get more bang for my story loving buck than I would with the others. Not that I don’t like the shows on option Thursday nights because I do but it’s easier for me not to miss what is going on in the others. plus Joshua Jackson and Leonard Nimoy, need I say more

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